In 6c

by Peri John

in c nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Thursday 27th of May 2004 08:25:32 PM


Linda Keagle
Really excellent work, John. I can see why Roger admires your photographic skills...

Curt T.
to me- the second shot in b/w would be one of the best of your portfolio. Just my taste. nice work again john. chris

Howard Dion
Another masterpiece. Well done.

Chris Kuettner
He, he....a boxer in a Boxter!!!

Ken Thalheimer
Still don't see a car John! Man you really nailed the toning on this one. It's also nice and tightly cropped. The angled background adds a tension. This is one of your best and you've got a lot of very good ones

Windle Lands
Nice. Magazine quality shot. Keep it up.

Jim Hayes
Sorry Per, my monitor is still only in Green. Envy is a terrible thing.

J.W. Kencke
Nice... ...lines!

Erik Adams
This one is quite good, John. Same car as the other shot? Just kidding. Normally I don't like tilted photos, but it seems to work here.

James Barber
Yep, you've done it again. Excellent photo. Nice car too :)

Umair Ghani
nice tones. 1 of ur very best!

Chris Kuettner
Hmmm, which is more pleasing, the model, or the boxter??? Yet another excellent shot. Looking forward to more of the same!

John Peri
But my dear Chris, you haven't understood yet .... the model .. IS .. the boxer .. :-)

Ken Thalheimer
As I, John. As I!

John Peri
Come on Jim, buy a new car !

T ...
Hi John, Well you've excelled yourself yet again this this one so all I can do is rate without commenting. We don't seem to get the same deals with optional extras in the UK such a shame. Tony

John Peri
Tony, optional extras? the car comes with the date!

Michael Charlebois
Simply another one of your knock-out models, John! Que dire de plus?!! Beau travail!

John Peri
Ha, thank you Michael! You mean well of course, but the isssue here is the photo not the model! What I do largely try to do is to photograph charm. I hope I have done her justice! Thanks again "pour le beau travail"!

Michael Charlebois
I meant to keep the comment within the bounds of the boxer theme as well, but got distracted... Love your work.

John Peri
New Car No 2 in the series of pictures of her new car

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