Stretching # 3

by Amelkovich Igor

stretching nude carl zeiss planar mm f hasselblad cw chelyab amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 hasselblad 503 cw chelyabinsk stretching fomapan 100 seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 27th of May 2004 12:44:32 PM


makanes gold
Geometry Bravo, I have been watching ur series. Looks like you have graduated to geometery. A very good 180 degrees.

Jim Hayes
Another very powerful photo Igor, nice to see even Ugur liked this one. I was beginning to wonder.

Gianfranco Vialli
Good posture, but I am curious why you need to airbrush her genitals? It doesnt really come across as surrealist type of picture, more of an art pose so ant modification is unnecessary.

Bo Hammarlund
Bravissimo Very good....comments are not necessary....

Antonio F
ok Very original picture, good symmetrie and nice effect.

Stephen Galea
Well Done Igor you have great Black and White photos....really lovely and original. You have something that unique and differs greatly from others. Keep up the good work.

Chris Conrad
Reminds me of a dream I once had (and keep having). cc

Val Asenoff
Stretching # 3 Excellent! Reminds me of MI-6 :)

Gary Durington
Every mans wet dream Your photography, as usual, is near perfection. Your model, as usual, is amazing. Please, send my complements to your model for her excellent physical condition. --- Âàøåé ñúåìêîé, êàê îáû÷íî, áóäåò áëèçêàÿ çàâåðøåííîñòü. Âàøà ìîäåëü, êàê îáû÷íî, amazing. Ïîæàëóéñòà, ïîøëèòå ìîè êîìïëåêòû ê âàøåé ìîäåëè äëÿ åå ïðåâîñõîäíîãî ôèçè÷åñêîãî ñîñòîÿíèÿ.

Igor Amelkovich
Gianfranco Vialli No one modification!!!

Ray Wei
Gary's Russian comment Gary, is your Russian comment pretty much the translation of the English counter part? I am just curious about languages. Your English, as usual, is near perfection of your Russian. LOL. I like this photo too.

Igor Amelkovich

Pierre Dumas
Nothing of the above Sorry, Igor and all. This picture doesn't in any way correspond your other amazing work. By my understanding of your work and art in general, of course. Please, consider this remark as an unusual expression of admiration for your overall work and nothing else. Of course, I should explain my rematk about this picture, but, I find it very difficult to explain it. Let's say it isn't legible enough and there is much of aesthetically unjistified space in it.

Hugh Hill
Tones are excellent, what filter did you use if any. if I may ask Igor, where do you come across this abundance of perfect physical specimens, I am serious almost everyone of the models I've seen has such physical beauty, dancers, gymnasts and such. why is it that geographically you get the beauties while I get,, well see for yourself.

Igor Amelkovich
No filters.

Frunze Verdi
+/+ and + + + for the model

Jeny Plante
Perfect 7/7 Wonderful !

Golboo Fiuzi
Wow Awesome,wonderful, perfect.

Brian Shotwell
Symmetry I must know how many shots were needed to perfect this image. Beautiful!

Igor Amelkovich
Stretching # 3 Studio

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