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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Jim Hayes
Geez John, I guess I am going to have to take you off my interesting list, since it lets me know when you post something new. Now my monitor is losing it's color capability. It's only hue now is green, as in envy. Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Mika Rantonen
Don't like the back of the van. A tighter crop maybe?

Ken Thalheimer
What car?

Howard Dion
Nice car! Shame you cropped off the feet. Regards, Howard

Timo Hartikainen
Nice car :) Hmm...the black stripe behind her head..I would clone it out.

Michele Berti
She looks great! Beautiful composition, well done!

Steve Bingham
John, you are indeed a poet of unusual stature. A photographic poet.

Erik Adams
I would not be inclined to take issue with your beautiful portraits, but here the dress off the shoulder and exposed breast doesn't seem to fit, or it seems too intentional, whereas so many of your other photos seem natural and unplanned, even if posed.

T ...
Hi John, What can I say but once again you have beautifully captured the tones and textures of her body, with wonderful curves and an almost perfect capture! oooops almost forgot the lady adds that something special to the composition as well ;-) Tony

Nils Adlercreutz
Why the car????

Francesco Martini
Beautiful girl..beautiful car..beautiful pic!!!!

Sarah Kane
! I like it John! very playful, very fun. I think that the posed photos at times work better as they tend to be a little more vivacious. I like the image without colour in this one, it works quite well. All in all, wonderful shot!!

Sheshagiri K M
Nice Pic John Its a nice pic. She looks young though she is not.

John Peri
Thanks Timo. I hadn't noticed it. It's an artefact of adding the frame.

John Timlin
John! The car-door peekaboo is ... ... les jambes pas le mamelon! You've gotten greedy! Je ne me plains pas.

Stephen Galea
K E E P I T U P NIce image John and wht great images u own and also the models you shoot. I like the way you shoot and compose your images.

Leo Garcia
She's beautiful... Yes the car! hahaha. Great work, another beautiful lady...a notch in your lens hahahah. Man, you sure got the ladies down (not literally)and I really mean it. Its hard to photograph people and that's what you do really well. However this pict stoped me in my tracks, it is a change in your pace. It has: humor, beauty, great B&W, oh yes and a car!!! Regards Leo Garcia / Venezuela

steven o.e
when i grow up when i grow up i will be a phtographerlike John Peri Steven 22y ;-) ( i am glad to see that you use a analog kamera. what scanner a you using)

Iason Faennos
I like the car in the latter upload :)
But the first photo! Nice B&W.

T ...
Hi John, You know for yourself the ladies love you to "tyrannise" them a little and it puts that sparkle in their eyes. Although it's a "tongue in cheek" shot, you still applied your excellent composition and artistic skills. Capturing the opposing textures of the ladies skin and the body of that cars is a challenge in itself. It's also still has a natural look as the observant ones here will know that those summer dresses do have an interesting tendency to slip off the shoulder, which is good news for those of us with a quick eye lol She is a stunning lady of course with as you say a wonderful sense of humour. I'd love then chance to work with her, so my compliments to you both. Tony

fred oconnor
car??? Great shot - what is the car? Thanks

John Peri
I have an Epson flat bed scanner that I use to scan the prints made for me at the supermarket, which I then correct a little if necessary with PS. Steve, when I was twenty, I was rowing like you (in eights) and taking photos like these on the weekends, admittedly most of them were girlfriends in those days, though a couple of their friends did participate occasionally. That is when it all started at any rate. Best wishes, John

John Peri
New Car She asked me last Sunday to take some photos of her new car, so I guess it's a kind of package deal .... I'll post some more towards the weekend.

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