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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 21st of May 2004 10:15:57 PM


John Peri
Hy Sogeri, that's an interesting comment, thank you and you don't disappoint me at all. I'm not too sure what you mean exactly though, as this is the "original" pic and I haven't weakened the contrast in any way? Maybe it's related to the fact that the only source of lighting is flash? My black and white pictures are all framed in black. After some thought about it, it's probably too thick? As for the model. Well, she's basically very shy, but she appreciates that we are artists. I have also known some models that have had a more liberal upbringing, but they are very nice young ladies too you know!

John Peri
Yes, the black frame is imposing. Not too sure why I did like that. Maybe in order to accentuate the dark grey tones. I agree with the "rule" in general. Thank you.

sogeri pilpoil
Hi John ! Sorry to disappoint you, but I highly appreciate coloured tones of black skin. The healthy and sporty body deserves a bit more contrast. The naked background disturbs my perception of an authentic person as, IMHO, any black woman is, and the frame means burial ceremony for me. Could we see the original pic ? I hope you will feel this comment as a testimony of respect to your tremendous work. By the way : the refusal of seeing her own pic is also a proof that your model is a quite nice and sincere character. Regards, Sogeri

Howard Dion
John, an employee of a museum, and a successful gallery owner told me that photography should always be framed using a thin frame so as not to conflict with the image. That is the tradition. Most times, black or white frames are the preference. By the way, please give this image a rating and a comment. Trying something new.

Tom H
Apart from the feet part, great shot. GREAT model too. I love athletically shaped women with a nice face on top :). Well shot.

John Peri
Thanks Robert. I don't say this often, but I quite like this photo. It's strange, she said I'll do this for you, but I don't want to see the photos. I insisted that she keep them and that one day she will be happy. ... PS. Always looking for more amusing ways to present things ..

Robert Holmes
Feet? Who cares about her feet!...It's her beautiful face and body that attract the eye....SIMPLE....SIMPLY LOVELY.....

glen hatfield
she must have unusually big feet.

John Peri
Naked but shy .. She was gracious enough to pose, but too shy to look at the photos afterwards ...

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