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by Peri John

comp nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 21st of May 2004 03:58:53 PM


Dan Petru Muraru
IMO your worck is where I can bee. Iff...

Francisco Fragoso

Dan Petru Muraru
an other day ... An others day in paradise. How meny hours doo you worcks for your worcks

Roland Pallagi
i dont really get the message of this picture, although it is original...

Aurimas Adomavicius
I like! *Thumbs up!*

John Peri
Matty, I don't think that we should take these matters too seriously! The point for us as amateur photographers is to have fun. If we achieve that, well I think then that we are in the right direction! It's true that some people are a bit excessive sometimes, but this is just an average photo and if someone wants to give me 4s,well, that's just great as far as I am concerned. I hope the photo made you laugh a little. As you can see, she certainly found the whole thing very amusing! Many thanks for coming by and for your kind comments.

Timo Hartikainen
It's funny & original, well done!

Mike Matini
Love it John, great capture, great composition, and great work. Well done.

Jim McConnell
Great fun! And really original. regards, -Jim 6/6

John Peri
Been working all day No 3 in the series ......

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