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by Peri John

jo nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Portrait

Published: Thursday 20th of May 2004 09:00:02 PM


John Peri
David, just wait until you see the soles of her feet!

Henno Terblanche
Thanks for the comments. Busy working on a few ideas. Will try and upload wild life every day but the digital art takes a while to create. Your portfolio is brilliant and viewed almost every photo of yours. This photo is excellent. Love the silhoutte the body makes on the dark back-ground.

Carl Smith
The positioning of the body just seems unnatural to me, and her expression is too tense I think. Exposure wise it's not bad, I like how the hair sinks in to the darkness, however perhaps it could be a bit lighter.

Howard Dion
Excellent as always. Regards, Howard

John Peri
Thanks Carl. She's leaning back in an armchair. Maybe I could try and put some of it back in so that one sees where the support is. ... ADDED LATER: Thanks again Carl. You were absolutely right. I put back the cushion.

Carl Smith
John, the cushion pulls it back together so that the odd pose doesn't bother me as much. :) I do think you could probably burn the cushion a bit more because now I think it's competing tonally with the skin. I still find the face to be peculiar, but I suspect that I might be alone.

John Peri
Well, that's three of you now, I'm going to have to start to look at this differently! I guess it's the embroided hair.

Francesco Martini
Cleopatra???..very beutiful image and appropriate B&W....

Amar Khoday
John, there is very much a Cleopatraesque feel here. Who says we can't have colour blind casting.

John Peri
Ha! Cleopatra was Greek.

TC Reed
Cleopatra is precisely what I was thinking when I saw this photo. Lighting was well chosen as was your model. The face is ever so slightly out of focus. Or, DOF was off enough to effect her face and top of head. Still, it is not enough to make me turn away. This is a very soft image. I like it.

Timo Hartikainen
This is beautiful. I especially like the warm color tones here.

John Peri
A lady in black ... used a flash in a darkenbed room, but I added some PS to remove some of the objects remaining

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