room 5

by Peri John

room nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 19th of May 2004 04:27:03 PM


John Peri
Olivier, I never thought of it that way. If the picture makes you ask all those questions, maybe then it has a point after all !!

Francesco Martini
very original this nude!!!!

J.W. Kencke
Yup... Works for me. Is that a Scarlet Tanager there, in the second pane on the right of the middle window?

Foureyes .
I love it,.....very creative !!!!!!!!!

Olivier M.
ive been looking at this pic for about 5 min.. trying to find a meaning.. without success. I wont rate it but im really curious to know whats your point here if there is one =) Why is she holding a picture of herself, why is she laughing, why is her jackette coloured... so many questions without answer lol

Rajnish Duara
Beautiful model, nice idea to put the 2 visuals together. Very original.RD.

John Peri
Lady with a frame Well ... I had placed this as a caption photo, but one or two people asked to see it enlarged, so here it is ...

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