Barisal 8 am

by Pascual Frederic

barisal am canon powershot g seeking critique pascual frederic

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Published: Monday 17th of May 2004 07:08:08 PM


Guillermo Lobera Temes

Roumen Koynov
!!!!! Excellent , Bravo!

Virgil Mlesnita
. Just wonderful. It seems to be the illustration to a Gothic story. Well done!

Frederic Pascual
Hey...that's too much....thanks a lot made me red....

Charo Diez
Fred, I am afraid that this time I have nothing to suggest you... it´s simply great.

Frederic Pascual
Thanks for your comments and rating,,,this is the first of a serie I will upload after my trip in Bangladesh..

carmen lafuente
La linterna mágica.

Imanol Gabilondo.
7 / 7 Perfecta.

Els Wetting

Luis Argüelles
Sin comentarios, Fred.

Marina Poblacion
Pulguita .......... chapeau!!

Sarah Underhill
Great capture!

Frederic Pascual
Thanks again..... I hope one day, this people will go from the shadow towards the light and no like this photo....

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
Esta foto tiene que llegar lejos....muy lejos! Impresionante e inteligente foto.

Frederic Pascual
Mauricio,,, creo...pero porque no...

Tim Holte
This is an image that tells me that I have not been wasting my time here on PN. This is something that I would have loved to have taken. Would I have seen this quickly enough? Would I have been ready? I doubt, it but I sure can appreciate it when someone else does it this well.

Antonio Carrus
So essential and elegant, this is simply great.

Allan Wallberg
Excellent composition and light.

John Orban to explore visually.

mike werkhoven
Beautifull composed capture in planes, lines, clor and contrast of shadows. mike

Moushumi Nandy
there is so much to this picture that i dont know where to begin!this is amazing.

Frederic Pascual
Zoo..Don t think too much,,that s a single street shot,,,Thanks Linda... ¨linda foto¨ = traduction of your comment in spanish,,,,

Linda Keagle
Frederic Awesome shot!!

Antonio Baiano
I had not very much time for going to internet in these days and I lost thisone. One of your best from Bangladesh!

Tawhid Uddin
Hi Frederic Pascual, Very nice image of a Rickshaw puller. I am a Bangladeshi and visit several times Barisal. This image is very nostalgic for me. Thanks.

mondiani .
this is art

Theo Keijzers
Bravo! Great picture, there is so much to explore here at, and again a perfect picture.

nipon intarit
No more word just say " Bravo " ! Very regards

Dragomir Vukovic

Frederic Pascual
Barisal - Bangladesh 8 am Lot of Rickshaw in Bangladesh...Thanks for your comments...

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