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by Peri John

aye nude fuji superia nikon f d seeking cr peri john

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Published: Sunday 16th of May 2004 09:24:38 PM


Jim Hayes
You already know what I think of your work, but the smile? It just may be closer to the Mona Lisa and I have never been able to read her thoughts either. The garment loosely held, is she just getting started or just finishing? The fresh lit cigarette, is she taking a break or about to get dressed to leave? It is incredible, those looks a camera receives.....Ah, you've captured a novel once again John. Congrats!

Els Wetting
Perhaps this sounds stupid, but I would be honored if I could pose for you. You create a woman in something very special. Els

Ken Williams ...
Excellent ... !

Fausto Roim
NICE Your work is a great reference to me. Congratulations!!

Howard Dion
They are all good, but this one is better. John, you used a bounce flash on the shot? Regards, HD

Foureyes .
her smile is very unique, you captured a wonderful pose,....I'm loving the skin tones.

bob beavis
you hear this alot i assume... you photos are just the best wow! btw she is thinking that you are late and i am finished!

J.W. Kencke
Subtle Love the subtle texturing.

John Peri
Yes. You are the first to comment on it, it annoys me too. I could PS it out, but let's leave it as it really is.

Babak .
Great capture Yes the smile is perfect, tones are great and even the cigarette's smoke has the classic curve... but gee she needs to shave.. or did you like it rough John?

sogeri pilpoil
This photo should have been eternal and out of space, without the clock on the left arm. 7/7

John Peri
Yes Howard, I usually bounce the flash to the left, 2/3 of the way up the wall.

kristin morales
I am intrigued by the look and impressed with the skin tones! So many different sides to each woman.

Zacarias Mata

Thomas Collins
So relaxed... You really have the gift of relaxing your models John. Well done!

Adrian Maniutiu
wonderful and "elitist" pose. emanates an air of superiority... nice use of light. cheers,

Ken Thalheimer
Excellent pose and expression John. Just wish the wristwatch had been removed

Ken Thalheimer
Dan Strange comment. What's wrong with John's models? Must be having a senior moment here and missing something

John Peri
Ahh ... three ladies in a row! I wonder if they understand how pleased that makes me. Thank you so much for the support, and from all the others too of course.

Dan Petru Muraru
I love all your photos. Not the models!

marco prenninger
"when the f... are u finished man, i didn't come over here for those stupid photos" that's a version of her thoughts, my version ;-) and i like the photo a lot, its great.

Cristina Fumi
I agree with Els, you've got a wonderful touch with women! Great one!

John Peri
What she may well be thinking is if that guy David asks you again if I cook, you tell him what I think of him!

Raymond Borg
John, this is so beautiful. Nice lighting and the model looks so relaxed. Congrats.

John Peri
A Character Portrait What you may find interesting here is the Jaconda smile ... can you read her thoughts ?

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