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Published: Saturday 15th of May 2004 06:35:26 PM


John Peri
Well David, as I implied above, that's what attracted me to it, but I fully sympathize that others may not like it at all! Actually, the innocence and unsophistication of the pose is what I find interesting.

Jim Hayes
John, to me, I think this one gives us one of those behind the scenes shots. I have seen this expression on the face of every model I have ever worked with. It usually comes right before she tells me where I can put my camera if I take one more shot, or even worse, where she is going to put it for me. That is why I try to get to know my subjects very well prior to shooting them. lol. Thanks for a view from the window into your studio.

John Peri
Ha Ha! Actually, we started with the shower this time. She washed her hair and had to dry it afterwards, before the session began per se. I asked if I could take a few shots in the bathroom ... so she probably wasn't quite fed up with me yet ... but I'm quite sure it came a little later!

David Hall
The pose looks to rubbery.

David McCracken
You know I am teasing John! I know you know I am teasing John! (At least I hope you do!) I just like to inject some humour when I see some of your work. Please convey my best wishes to your models. Ask them not to take me too seriously....

John Peri
David, I rushed to the bathroom to check the tiles. They are fine, so it must be me! If I remember correctly, I tried to get rid of some of the excessive glow provoked by the flash .. I didn't know that you were so interested in plumbing! ... PS. If I had more patience, I guess I could have reconstructed the tiles in the lower left side too, and that hose should be relatively easy to get rid of. Oh, by the way, the young lady is real, I assure you :-)

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
A very nice and seductive nude here, bravo !

John Peri
David, I am definitely not showing her this one !

John Peri
David, isn't it time you updated your computer ?!

Chris Kuettner
Nicely done John, You do a good job of shooting your models a non studio setting...or perhaps in this case...the bathroom studio! It lends a more "human" touch to your work which is very pleasing and sensual. Looking forward to the next batch!

John Peri
Bath scene A little burned out in places, but you may find the pose amusing ..

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