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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Friday 14th of May 2004 08:30:22 PM


John Peri
Commercial? Let's say it is inspired by the Bali dancers, with all respect to that wonderful country whose people have been spoiled now, like most things, by the influx of tourism. When I first went there, the girls were still bathing naked in the rivers as you walked by.

Francesco Martini
Very good idea and elaboration!!!!

Howard Dion
Very commercial style but I like it.

Chris Kuettner
Nicely done.

Gregory Tyson
nice ta-ta's

Azriel Abramovich
Royal flush? Reminds me of a deck of cards you may find every so often. I love it!

John Peri
I'm just messing around. Actually, in retrospect, I think that I cut the body just a little too high. I really don't have the patience to start again though .....

John Peri
Dancing Fantasy Time for dreams again ...

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