by Tsoi Wilson

stream seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 14th of May 2004 06:23:30 AM


Henri Manguy
A very nice shot, but why blur it ?

Vasiliy Koval
Very nice picture. I like color and soft focus

Robert Holmes
Why blur? This is a nice arrangement of stream, trees and mountain....I don't think it is improved by blurring, but it might look very good as Black/white.

Jay Patel
Hi Wilson Good composition of using the stream as leading line to the trees that are lit up by the sun. Couple of suggestion to improve this photo. First, I would have liked to see the photo shraper with blurred water. Second, I would have included some of sky or distant mountains to balance out the photograph (and perhaps little zoomed in to fill more of th photo with the lit up trees.

patrick love
Good idea I lived in MRNP for 4 summers and have passed this way quite a few times. Did you take a picture from the other side of the bridge? I'd like to see it.

Wilson Tsoi
...the other side of the bridge... Hi, Patrick. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do have the pix of the other side of the bridge, but it was pretty much under shadow area (pretty flat looking,) so you'll have to excuse me.

Wilson Tsoi
Stream at Rainier NP, comment? Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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