Waiting for Another?

by Tsoi Wilson

waiting for another seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 13th of May 2004 02:39:30 AM


Nick Shuval-Sergeev
Good Solution.

Alec Ee
Absolutely brilliant touch on the sky. Love the colors you achieved. Seems like an image from a Canon D1. Very clean and beautiful.

david solomon
beautiful color Thenbranches take my eyes away from the figures, maybe a little touch up in ps to remove branches would make a perfect image.

Ben Lung
Great view

Salvatore Mele
I like the composition of the image, which gives a quiet impression of the end of a relatively quiet walk (the foreground grass, quiet slope) as opposed to the far away mountains, which the two people look at. What I dislike, is their body posture. The bodies face too much to the right, and the mountain they are looking at is too much to the left... but that's a small detail, after all. Cheers,

Wilson Tsoi
Waiting for another eruption, or just being romantic? Visited Mt St Helen NP for the first time beging of this month (playing tourguide for out-of-town relatives.) Would appreciate your feedback, suggestion, comment, etc. Thanks.

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