Christine Falls

by Tsoi Wilson

christine falls seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 13th of May 2004 12:06:24 AM


Guido Fulgenzi
great compsition and nice sharpness!

Ben Lung
Great photo

Dave Scott
Nice photo. I also have a Canon A80 and I'm looking to take photo's like this. Could you tell me the specs on it (ie. shutter speed, f-stop, film speed, etc...). I recently tried a shot like this and it didn't come out. Everything was white.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Ben, Guido, and Dave for your feedback, Dave, I usually like to keep the A80 setting at ISO 50, Cloudy WB, Vivid, Aperture Priority, and try to stick with f8 as much as possible. I also like to dial in a -1/3 exposure compensation, mainly to keep highlight details (easily lost in digital images.) The shadow details are easily retrieved in PS (not so for highlight details.) With the setting above, I tripped the shutter with a 2-sec. self-timer while I braced the camera on a railing (didn't have a full size tripod with me.) I was only able to slow the speed down to around 2 seconds, sufficient for some blur. Had the camera go down to f22, or had I have a neutral density filter, the shutter speed could have been even lower (more blurred waterfalls.) In PS, I duplicated a layer, blur, 50% opacity, and selectively erased out what I want sharp with an eraser tool (tool opacity and feather amount as prefered.) That's it. Enjoy! ^_^

Ema Popa
I really appreciate that you take time to answer to the beginners. Thank you for that. I enjoyed a lot watching your portofolio.

Wilson Tsoi
Visiting the park, critique? After all these years, first time to Mt. Rainier NP since driving out- of-town relatives there this weekend. Gotta get back there again to do it justice. This one of many falls, taken with an A80. Feedback, comment, suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks.

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