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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 12th of May 2004 05:13:43 PM


Don Harper
Might I might find it easy to photograph my models at the makeup table, but the shower is quite a challenge. The lighting I mean. You know the cramped space, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Geoff M
Wow! I see that you are STILL BRILLIANT!!! Go figure?! LOL! Fantastic!

Mike Matini
Very nice John, fantastic lighting and Ilike the water runing on her arm effect. Very nice

Johannes Felten
A towel, anyone? Did you rub in the body lotion after the shower? After all, we wouldn't want her skin to dry out, do we? Seriously, nice shot, lovely curves (not PS), and nice face.

Hilary Allen
wonderful that this was "before" the photo session. She is quite a great model. I love her hand in the water.

John Peri
Don, I pointed the flash upwards at the ceiling.

Francesco Martini
Buon Bagno!!! Very good!!!

Mark Hammond
Not Glamor Jhon. Iam afraid most of you on her get your catagorys messed up.This is nude. Basicaly you dont need talet for this shot. Any naked chick in a booth will get high rateings. Use your sikle for something more tastful. Like a lady in white.."I mean dressed" Or a cute kid picture. Diffently colthes on. get it. nudes when tastful are fine but when there full on thats called naked. I mean at less its not like the mother and daughter one thats just plain old porn. So wise up fuss up and shoot diffrent. Try colthes its good for the soul.

Jimmy Miller
nice Your photos are nice, but they're practically thumbnails. Wish they were big enough to see.

John Peri
Thank you Jimmy, I just commented on this today in fact under my portfolio. I really sympathize with your comment, but I feel obliged to reduce the size after the photos have been seen in order to discourage them from circulating on the net on other people's sites. This is a protective action taken for the models much more so than for me. I hope that I receive your understanding.

John Peri
Under the shower Preparing for a photo session ....

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