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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 8th of May 2004 09:03:29 PM


Foureyes .
Great arrangement, have a very creative and refreshing way to present nudes: stylish and fun,.....what captivates me about your work is the relax and natural way your models (...or friends, as you call them) look in all your photos,.....creating that 'safe space' for your friends is an art in itself,....very nicely done !!

John Peri
... and the uncensored one in mini version ...

John Peri
Thank you Mike. This is a subject that I have thought about a great deal. Though I find it perfectly normal to show full frontal nudity in a picture that I would categorize as "Fine Art", I am always a little apprehensive about doing so with glamour shots. There are several reasons for this. The first is that in glamour photography, the nudity can sometimes be considered as being gratuitous. The second is that some people, albeit just a few, will then show interest only in the subject matter, and this is a photo discussion group and not Playboy Magazine. Lastly, one must also take care not to offend anyone from the wide range of people that have access to this site, particularly the younger ones. For these reasons, my glamour photography always has a "soft" approach. To be frank as well, it's also a matter of taste. My pictures at home are no different in fact to what I post on the net, other than that I sometimes make two versions for the model, as above, so that she can choose what to show and to whom ! To respond now to your critic of the photo, I chose on purpose an image in the foreground that attracts the viewers' attention. The toned down pictures in the back are just a figurative prop, a pretext for her being there. Had they been more prominent, your eye would be roaming all over the picture without coming to rest. Many thanks for your comments.

Mario Novak
John, you would get 7/7 for unedited version, great shot,..

Francesco Martini
Very original composition!!!

Mike Matini
John, great shot, I also saw the unrated version as well. I think you should show your pictures as they are, they are a form of art as they are, you are showing your talent and your models. No need for rated or unrated versions. Regarding this image I love the model on the left, the lighting and her look is fantastic, the other images of her doesn't do anything for me. The actual image of her is fantastic.

Thomas Collins
Nice presentation John. I certainly can understand your struggle with displaying the original or doctored version. I like either version for what they offer.

John Peri
Thank you. This is an idea that is well expressed in terms of "space". It is indeed important that a model never feels that she is being invaded in any sense. One thing that I find works for me is to involve them always in the decision making. That way, there is an equality of choice and decision on the plateau. A model will give much more if it is what SHE wants to give. Thanks again and best wishes, John

Dima Oukhov

John Peri
Try photographing your wife .... with or without the shotgun !

Cristina Fumi
nice presentation! I like the comfortable look of your model.

Russ Britt
If God had wanted women to pose nude, they would have been born nude! Great work!

Owen O'Meara
John: Well done as always. I have always looked forward to your new work and this one is an example of why. I agree with your views on how to work with models. I think we both agree that without them we have no work. I tend to like the original. -Owen

Howard Dion
This is an ORIGINAL John Peri.

Michele Berti
Very creative composition. Well done!

John Peri
Me and my friends ... A continued effort to present nudity with less seriousness and a touch of humour ...

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