Hong Kong Waterfront

by Tsoi Wilson

hong kong waterfront seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 8th of May 2004 08:11:31 PM


David McCracken
The thumbnail looks fine! Don't get me wrong Wilson. This is a good pic..... just not the standard I expect from you. (Here speaks Mr Perfect!)

David McCracken
Following! Hi Wilson, Missed this one from before! I really did think you had a big following! (Let me correct that.... you do have a big following!) I was interested to see that you have requested a critique for this and yet no one has commented on it! I have to say it is not my favourite. Judging by the lack of comments and few ratings, I suspect that others don't feel it is up to the 'Tsoi Standard! Please don't think I am being negative. I am just curious to know what you think of the photos yourself and how it compares with others you have taken!

Wilson Tsoi
David, I ALWAYS appreciate your frankness, straight to the point comment (with occasional McCraken style humor) and it's your type of critiques that help people improve. I really do thank you for that. As to what I think about it, well, lets just say that I already decided couple weeks ago to delete (process of elimination to stay below certain number of images.) You're absolutely right...even I am not that hot about it. Thanks again David and nice to hear from you again!

Wilson Tsoi
Hong Kong Skyline, Critique? Would appreciate your feedback, thanks.

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