stef 10

by Peri John

stef nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 8th of May 2004 01:47:35 PM


Darko Kordovan
John, Definetely,you are making history on this pages.You are one,very special and precious.There are only few like you here!!

David Vorland
Looks fine to me Another wonderful image. I personally think that old junior college photo course rule about not cutting off heads and feet is a truism intended for rank amateurs like me, certainly not for masters like you. Question, as a relative newecomer to,I've wondered what you do as a "day job?" Do you mind sharing that? I'm guessing professor.

John Peri
... and talking with her boyfriend in between shots ..

John Peri
Well David, I taught at some point in my career, but far; far away from this area ! Like most of us, I lead a demanding life, hence this wonderful and relaxing pastime.

Ken Thalheimer
Nice one John. I don't think her legs look stiff at all. Seems very relaxed. Not sure about the cropped foot

Mike Matini
John, great capture, I liek very much what you have the model do with her hair, the lighting is fantastic as always, her face and the way she is looking down is perfect, great work as always

John Peri
Reclining nude In many photos, I end up cutting off a foot in the final print. There must be some underlying reason for this that I will discover soon, but in the meantime my pictures will continue to look a little strange !

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