Big Talbot beach

by kanner robert

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Published: Friday 7th of May 2004 02:10:25 AM


Koos Net
Wonderful light, fine colors and good composition. Great shot Robert.

Scott Hayne
I Like! The colors are calming yet spooky. I find the trees on the hillside even more interesting than the central subject. Do any shots of those?

Tuhin Saha
Well done.

michael Steeves
Compliments The fog with the sun in the background adds a very nice effect.

Guido Fulgenzi
Beautiful shot!

Els Wetting
GREAT Beaches and there tressures, wonderfull

lester dworetsky
Robert- it has been years since I have seen your work and happy to say you have not lost your touch.

Jos Van Poederooyen

Marcelo A. Rodríguez Cancelo
Increadible shot !!!!

Alexandria Ayers
Hauntingly beautiful shot. the fog adds a bit a spookiness to the pic. Great JOB!!

Michele Berti
What a great composition with stunning colours. U did a great job here!

Johannes Felten
77 Amazingly beautiful!

John Crowe
I love this subject! Well done. I had to cheat to make this crop work, just food for thought. Excellent vision!

Pradeep Raghunathan
dreamy! this is real dreamy wish i was there. :) cheers!

Chris Womack
SUPERB COLOURS ! I could hang this on my wall! The pink & blue are perfect together, and the lack of a horizon gives it a wonderful perspective!

Linda Keagle
Like a monster crawling back into the sea....not to say it isn't pretty, too! :-) Wonderful effect....

Dave Donnelly
Hauntingly beautiful would be my description as well...fantastic mood. Excellent shot.

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
A superb dreaming composition !

Cristina Fumi
I wish I had taken this!

robert kanner
Re: Clyde Butcher re: Owl Ink Photograpy's question: Yes, coming from Florida myself, Clyde Butcher is one of my inspirations...his work is amazing and he's done some wonderful pieces up here at Big Talbot beach. RSK Here are some of my other Talbot images.

bassam sayegh
Bassam Sayegh perfect work.

Roberto P
Wonderful image with nice soft colors and very good composition!

Igor Laptev
Beautiful image!

Francesco Martini
Very beautiful image. This image remember me the "Marina Di Alberese" in Itlay, province of Grosseto where the beach il full of olds trees!

John Crowe
I prefer the image, very similar to this one, that is on your website. Excellent! You have another image looking out to see through one of these that is also excellent. Well done!

Nana Sousa Dias
Great image!

Wilfred Lim
Exceptional. I like the feel. :)

Chris Bingham
i saw the cropped image but couldnt really decide between the 2 but i do like this one a lil bit more just adds more depth to it witht he distant trees but amazing over all

Trudy Loosman
this is a really good shot, congratulations! Love the soft tone of the colours. The myst makes it really mysterious, and draws the attention to the beautifully shaped wood!

Mujahid Awais
6/7 Very nice idea and Good Capture.

Charlette Hannah
Beautiful! Reminds me of an eerie dark fairytale. Full of atmosphere, well done.

Justin Seago
"Oh! Wow! Yow!" I swear I uttered it aloud when I saw this wonderful image.

Daryl Walter
Great shot Robert. I like the crop above too. Shame about the bits of log on the right edge, would have given you a 7 if they weren't there.

marcel muench
this is magic! awesome.. congratulations. I have always problem capturing fog naturally. you did that!

cheers, marcel

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Kombizz Kashani
interesting image with good soft colors and good composition!

robert kanner
Oak skeleton, Big Talbot beach Misty foggy morning at first light, Big Talbot Florida. RSK

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