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by Peri John

wu nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 6th of May 2004 07:07:34 PM


Francesco Martini

Hilary Allen
I think as an athlete, she would appreciate this photo. It makes her look gorgeous and extremely in shape at the same time. Well done.

John Peri
I guess we have all tried this in front of the mirror, but it is much harder to do it for the camera. Consequently, I hope you will appreciate the subtle yet self confident little smile of the young lady in this photo ... She's very smart, has an adorable character and can run much faster than I ever could! Let's say that she has turned out to be quite a good model too ...

Andy sanchez
beautyfull My englihs is very bad but...this photo and model are very good. you have photos in black and white?. VERY BEAUTYFUL!

Howard Dion
Hi John: This is a well done, professionally executed image. I wouldn't know how to improve. Perhaps, I would like to see her hands. That's a matter of taste however. Good work my friend.

Mike Matini
NIce capture John. I like how you have her belt placed so one can think. She doesn't look as relaxed as your other models, but overall fantastic picture, great lighting, great composition

Jerry Matchett
Wonderful image, John. I am also interested in how you get the stats to read viewed 0 times with 22 ratings.

Evgeniy Shaman
good model...

John Peri
An athlete at rest Portrait of an athlete ...

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