Hong Kong Skyline

by Tsoi Wilson

hong kong skyline seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 4th of May 2004 03:03:02 AM


Kevin Bickerdike
Excellent cityscape...about as interesting as it could be...great sky..

Anthony Peterson
Great job Wilson.

Wilson Tsoi
...hi guys, thanks for the feedback... ...the lean of the tower is most likely an illusion due to the IFC's tower's curved shape that also tapers as it rises. This building, International Finance Center, is suppose to be the same height as Petronas Twin Tower, if I'm not mistaken. May be David McCracken can correct me on this if that's the case?

Nestor Botta
beautiful shot!! Is it just me, or the tower is slightly tilted to the left?

Dave Pang
Very nice picture. Uncommon angle. Good color manipulations. Illusion or not, perhaps it's a good idea if the tower is rotated clockwise a little bit. If I am not mistaken, you took the picture on the sea. How could you maintain the camera stable? What shutter speed did you use?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Dave, it was indeed taken on a Lantau ferry returning to HKG around 6pm. The buildings' light was just coming on, and the sky was darkening rapidly. I set the camera at ISO 400 (the most I would go with A80 without getting too much noise,) cloudy white balance, underexposed it about 2/3 stop, and get a shutter speed of around 1/60 sec., just enough to hand hold at about 35-50mm focal length. I revived shadow detail in PS. Hope this helps. ^_^

David McCracken
I must stop by more often! I must have missed this when you uploaded it. T/T again and of one of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen. I must check your portfolio more often.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Dave for dropping in. Please do check it out more often. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to you and everyone! ^_^

Brad Kim
Very impressive image, Wilson! Your photo skill makes this great city look even more fantastic.... It is so long time (25 years) since I have been there. I miss the place!

Wilson Tsoi
Hong Kong Skyline, feedback is appreciated. I realize there are more interesting spin on this subject, but wonder what your thoughts are on this. Thanks in advance for your feedback. ^_^

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