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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Francesco Martini
very good this "landscape"".....

David McCracken
Harshness Helps I think the harsh lighting helps the mood of this picture. (A very 40s or 50s feel about it!) The shadow on the face is a bit distracting.

Lionel Dupre
Hi John, Looks like your had a lot more sessions with this model than any of the others ! She is absolutely beautiful. BTW, I find the lighting is not too harsh. I am not sure about the posture however ?

John Peri
Useful comments, both of them. Thank you Hilary. I can probably lighten the dark patch !

Mike Matini
John I like the black on black eefect. The lighting is good, it makes her body stand out. The black makes her body line stand out which is ver defined and well done. I also like how relaxed she is. As always my friend very good shot.

Hilary Allen
love the shot, have kept an eye on your work for awhile. The only two things (little) that bother me is the spot of grey following her ass and the deep shadow behind her arm, makes it look a lot skinnier than it really is. Otherwise, i love the light for this photo, makes it very dramatic and i think she is a good model for that.

John Peri
Sounds absolutely wonderful Roger. Congratulations! ... when are you going to photograph her by the way !!

Brad boston
Excellent bumper ! Hot

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Welcome back John I have found the love of my life, and we are miles apart, and you go and do this to me John ! Welcome back and kidding of course, this is bold and the right kind of sexy, as is most of your work, bold and sensual....but not fair ! LOL Hope you are rested and ready to post some of your great work, glad to see you, Roger (Have to make the best of this while I can, she may keep me too busy to come back (Smile) !)*R*

John Peri
Travelling ... just back. Greetings!

Howard Dion
Excellent work as always. Regards, Howard PS: How you been doing?

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John The moment after we spend a bit of time together....Yes, can hardly wait to have her in front of the camera, she is a phographer as well, so I would guess there will be a good deal of that going on....You are a good friend John, thank you for your kind the thoughtful words, and right on, it will be a while, as there is a gap of half the worldbetween us, but as you know, love will fine a way...!*R*

Tore Nilsson

I have missed this one when I have looked in your portfolio, i like the light on the model and the high contrast, great work.

Best regards Tore

John Peri
A study in perspective The light is a little harsh maybe, but all I had was the sitting room tungsten placed on the floor ..

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