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Published: Saturday 1st of May 2004 08:26:00 PM


John Peri
Well, I guess one of you said what I really thought all along. It is more rational to put the version that I monkeyed around with as a footnote, so I have taken the liberty of changing them around! Yes Mike, thank you, I have answered you. .... Anyway, I think I will remove this one .. somehow it just doesn't work for me .. skin tones? who knows ..

Brent Arthur
Personally I would have preferred the plain B/W image.

Foureyes .
hi John,....I like your concept here very much,...the color may be a bit too vibrant !!!....Oooops !!! it just got changed !!!...oh well,...I like the new version better,....but the slight touch of color was a good idea !

Colin Carron
Oh yes the b&w.. very good!

Mike Matini
good work John, by the way did you ever get my email?

Howard Dion

John Peri
She A little kitsch I guess .... but somehow the original lacked luster ..

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