by Tsoi Wilson

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Gallery: Flowers & Nature

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Published: Saturday 1st of May 2004 03:19:38 AM


M. Hayward
Very lively.

Robert Holmes
Medium format? Lovely presentation.......I would like to know what camera you used, and whether it is a film or digital image.

Wilson Tsoi
..thanks folks.. ..for the feedback. BTW, I used the Canon A80 digital camera. I composed it with the flip-out screen, low to the ground.

kristin morales
love it...wonderful perspective and composition

Cindy Armanini
Nice work I love the low perspective and the sense of motion without being blurry. I'll be visiting Skagit Valley this April and I'm hoping to photograph the tulip fields.

Wilson Tsoi
Windy Tulip Field, Critique? Thanks for taking the time. The wind has to be at least 25 mph., wish they stayed still. Works, or just too blurry?

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