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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 30th of April 2004 02:53:29 PM


Stephen Galea
Wonderfull Again PERI You have a wonderful technique not only as a photographer but from the Physchological side! You are able to make your clients let go and feel free even when undressed. Only thing i suggest is leaving her hand to show up in the photo! Wht do u think? Well done and Praise good for such a Graceful and Imaculate Talent. You are Very vert talented. You are one who someone like me can learn from! Thx for sharing.

Howard Dion
Great shot. I'm sure your "charming way" had a lot to do with her reaction.

Thomas Fredrickson
John, Your pictutes are amazing! well done!!

Thomas Collins
John, I myself just returned from Boston and am feeling the jet lag, so forgive my typing mistakes... I love her pose and how obvious it is that she is having fun! It's a nice change of pace from the serious look so many models exude. Well done!

John Peri
Many thanks Stephen, I appreciate that. I agree that the her left hand is not placed ideally, but if I had tried to change it, I would have lost that magic moment .... and that is what it's all about really ..

John Peri
I just crossed the Atlantic and I'm suffering from jet-lag ... I meant "threw" back her arms obviously ... sorry!

John Peri
Just being oneself .. A model can feel vulnerable when she removes her clothes, and it is not always easy for her not to look defensive ... I asked her to please let go ... and she said ok and through her arms back ..

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