"Giant Tulips"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Wednesday 28th of April 2004 06:23:47 PM


Maria Conversano
Original and colorful. Exellent ligth.

Brendan Mudd
Awesome work Wilson!!

Angel Hernandez
Unusual shot for a flower. I really like it. Weldone Wilsosn!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback... ...wow, was working out of the office today and didn't realize so many "honorable guests" dropped in. Thanks Brendan, Joe, Maria, Alec, Angel, Hasan, Fabrizio, Anil, Cristina, Marta, Jos, and Carl for compliments and suggestions. Alec and Carl, yes, I hunched over and was kneeling while hand holding the A80 almost to the ground. But contrary to Carl's guess of blindly shoot at random, I composed through the A80's flip out screen (very tiny, but does the job.) Shot at f8.0, I don't know how to get anymore DoF, any suggetion on that?

Hasan Ghodrati
Nice! Great job Wilson..keep up the good work. Hasan

Marta Eva LLamera
Thanks... Thanks for show it from this view of point, is really a beautiful image. I love it. Congratulations.

Alec Ee
Wilson, you must be bending real low to get this shot.

Pradeep Raghunathan
very nice the contrast and the colors are cooool, would have been nicer if it was a tad sharper, considering you shot this with an A80, great shot. cheers!

Anil Sudhakaran
Great Perspective!!! You must have been flat on the ground for this one.

Alberto Mora
Very, very, very nice shot! I think no more DOF is needed, the tulip with the drops on it is well focused, while the others arenĀ“t so much. Nice effect. Original angle. I have read somewhere that original angles make the point, don't you think so?

Thomas Turk
I may have shot TWO more for comparison.. like this. Less DOF, f4 AND 5.6. That would give more dimension to the shot, and also accentuate the 2 main front subject tulips. Then.. 2 stops down so sky, and rear tulips become much darker, more shadows, greyed the clouds so they dont clash with the tulip petal edges, and less over exposure. This would also make the shot more balanced and harmonised, light and dark.. The left side, mid, half cut.off tulip, is untidy, and has a too bright a spot on it, and I would move it gently, but completely, away out of the pix, and hook it behind another tulip. Then we also have a little more sky for balance.. FYI there are tripod heads available which allow the camera to flip right down to the ground.. As the tulips are not goimg to fly away, one has plenty of time to compose and manipulate the subjects..till it all gells ...The framing, lighting, perspective and camera position I would leave the same.

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
Very original view ! Good work.

Cristina Fumi
beautiful! (I love all your tulips shots)

Jay Patel

Interesting perspective on this one. Very original flower shot.

To get more DOF, try zooming out and/or moving the camera away from the flower if possible. In any case the photo is very good.

Jos Van Poederooyen
WOW! Love it...It's great! Beautiful!

Carl Root
Digicams with their small sensors and extended DOF are perfect for this kind of shot. I am assuming you laid the camera on the ground, shot them blind, and picked the best one.

Hanna Cowpe
This is shot from an interesting perspective creating some nice backlight. I particularly like the top right of the picture. The stem at front left is too prominent for my taste and would have preferred it behind the bottom tulip. An attractive image all the same. I've just returned from 5 weeks in England to catch my pink parrot tulips at their best. I hope I come up with something this nice.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Jay. But would the near-far impact be lost? Actually, come to think of it, may be the lack of DoF helps emphasize the front flower, no? BTW Jay, your works on the Pacific Northwest are awesome. Are you based around here?

Don Paulson
Your kind comment on my recent photo prompted me to look at your portfolio. Wow! I would say you are the king of fresh perspectives...

Sheenagh Antonis-Hooijdonk
This is my favourite of your backlit tulips, though I like them all. Thanks!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your kind feedback and suggestions. ^_^

Dennis Dixson
Most flower shots leave me wondering why someone bothered to take them. This on the other hand is a very original and pleasing composition. The closest I have ever come to this sort of idea was taking photos of flowers reflected in a puddle of water (also in Skagit Valley). I really admire the way you produce such great imagery from whatever type of camera you happen to be using at any given moment. Very nice.

Wilson Tsoi
Tulip petals, critique? The last of Skagit Valley's tulips. Wish I had more depth of field, but does this still work?

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