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Published: Wednesday 28th of April 2004 06:21:05 PM


Michele Berti
That's really a great shot.

Vadim Onishchenko
Excellent !!! his wont eat :)

Regina Chayer
Hand held??? Very impressive!

Kenny Com
Like a Chinese painting It is just beautiful...!!! I like the colors...mmm. It might be nicer if the "rock" has a darker color.

Maria Conversano
What a fantastic reflex on the whater

Steve Simons
This is an excellent photo, the only thing I could see that'd be an improvement would just be to have a great DOF to see the goldfish clearly. But this photo is different than most wildlife shots in the way that it's not just a photo of the animal alone or even just the animal's head, this photo tells a story because you included the scene, and for that I'm giving you a 7 for originality, very nice shot.

Wilson Tsoi
...Thank you for taking the time.... ...I very much appreciate all your feedback, Vadim, Michele, Kenny, and Steve. Kenny, I see your point since making the rock darker will let the bird stand out even more, yes? Steve, I agree that it would be better to see the fishes more clearly, but I'm afraid that I would pick up too much of the background behind the bird as well. I will keep your suggestion in mind should I be fortunate enough to come across a similar occurance. ^_^

Matt Vardy
An absolutely incredible shot, you are soooo lucky to be able to get so close to this illusive bird, not to mention capturing this unique moment in place and time. Top marks from me for perfect composition, lighting, contrast and subject. Brilliant.

Wilson Tsoi
It's probably his day job, critique? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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