Foggy Morning at the Peak

by Tsoi Wilson

foggy morning at the peak seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 28th of April 2004 03:10:49 AM


Joseph Kerper
the fog-like mist, blue tones, low POV, and the fact that you only see the back of this person really caught my eye. the human element really balances all the strong vertical and horizontal lines you captured here; nice work.

Pnina Evental
Very nice balanced composition and colors. I like the human figure in that photo. Pnina

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks Joseph, Pnina, and David.... ...thanks for your kind words. David, I'm really glad you dropped by (still in Wanchai today?)

David McCracken
Not in HK! Not in HK at the moment Wilson. Also, not online so much.... Will watch for your pictures when I can!

David McCracken
Works for me Wilson! I do like this! This is one of your shots that I wish I had taken. Brilliant vantage point!

Jos Van Poederooyen
I've not been there but I sense that it is a place to be... I like the erie yet familiar feel the photo brings.

David McCracken
Brilliance on a Muggy Day I am getting worried about myself! I have just clicked on this image to find that I have commented on it before! (I really don't remmeber doing so!) That said, this is nothing short of brilliant! It is a fine contrast to your usually colourful upbeat photos!

Brad Kim
Very nice... I like the composition... and the fog, of course!

Wilson Tsoi
Foggy morning, critique? Does this work? Thank you in advance for your feedback. Taken early, foggy morning on Victoria Peak.

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