"Tulip Forest"

by Tsoi Wilson

tulip forest seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 28th of April 2004 12:55:33 AM


Gustavo Valle
Nice color/composition. Maybe a greater DoF could be better. Congrats

James Kellar
A diffrent view of flower that most people take.

Roberto Carli
Great framing!!!

Cristina Fumi
I love it!!!!

Amar Khoday
Wilson, nice work, I like this angle.

Wilson Tsoi
...thank you all for taking the time... ...Gustavo, James, Amar, Roberto, Cristina, and Pnina, thanks for your kind words and suggestions. I was shooting at f8 (the A80's smallest aperture,) with the nearest focusing point. Does anyone know how to further increase DoF? Thanks again.

Pnina Evental
Nice work , Wilson. Pnina

Rock Scott
Im not sure about the A80, but with my large format, I can use a #1,2, or greater ND filter to allow me to increase the shutter open time. The slower shutter speed allows more information to be stored on the film, increasing the DOF. Even if I am open to only f64, I may want to have a longer exposure than will meter. Thats when I will use the ND filters. Try a polorizer, or maybe even 2 on a test shot, with a slower speed and see what happens. In fact, I think I will try that with my d100. I know it works OK with my view camera, but because it allows settings to f64, it may not transfer the same to digital. Good luck. Great photo. In my opinion, the DOF is good as it is!

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks, Rock... ...appreciate your suggestion. I thought about it for a bit, but I guess as long as I'm shooting with the A80, I'm stuck with a minimum aperture of f8. In future, I'll definitely try at least f16 or f22 with a SLR. Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
Forest of Flowers...? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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