Barn Swallows 00

by Hsu Wilson

barn swallows hsu wilson

Gallery: Grief - Barn Swallows

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Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon EOS 10D
Date Time Original : 2004-03-20 19:23:33
Focal Length : 600/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/179
Exposure Time : 1/180
Aperture Value : 4.0
F Number : 4.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 200
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 180.000000
Y Resolution : 180.000000

Published: Sunday 25th of April 2004 11:34:25 PM


Ian Dangerfield
Disturbing Everytime I brows the pictures on here, this one keeps cropping up. It is a deeply moving picture.

Jim Peel

Piotrek Lakowski
:( No comments. Great photography.

Gary C
Your series of pictures, perhaps the saddest and most moving I have every viewed.

Frederic Mercier
I'm deeply moved by this so sad photo.......... One of the, if not the most emotional photo I've ever seen........... An "iconic image" in my eyes for ever. Frederic

Naman Gupta
Wilson This is iconic. Next time if anyone think Animals/Birds don`t have emotion & pain (before having Non-Vegetarian) , have a look at this pic.

It looks like finally he/she gonna wake up & they will fly together & be a happy ending. But only if.


Stephen Fenech
As already indicated, a truly awesome and moving image. The ground level view and composition further add to the drama this shot depicts. A beautifully documented series of events. A sinecer 'Well Done'.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
7/7. Straight to the point.

Mike Gal
An absolute classic! Congratulations ... Mike

Michael S. Maddox
A powerful and moving image. As someone else stated earlier, "Iconic." Oddly, it reminds me of another iconic photograph, from the Kent State University murders in 1970, where a girl is crying over the body of a fallen schoolmate. This is good work, Wilson.

Ppppp Ppppp
7/7 Terribly sad subject, beautifully portrayed.

Jan Piller
Look at how much money this guys makes by selling your image and he doesn't even give you credit.

Trisha Jean-Angela

Very heart-breaking image. Wonderful capture but it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. :)

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