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by Hsu Wilson

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Date Time Original : 2004-03-20 19:28:02
Focal Length : 600/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/250
Exposure Time : 1/250
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F Number : 4.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 400
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
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Published: Sunday 25th of April 2004 11:12:36 PM


Rosa Maria González de romero
!Sin comentarios!! Definitivamente unas tomas impresionantes y que nos cuestionan a los humanos para recuperar los sentimientos de solidaridad para nuestros semejantes gracias por compartir con nosotros esta historia.

Shivcharan V. Kamaraju
Very moving. Absolutely brilliant capture and documentary. My best wishes to you.

Jay Hai
great pictures and story

Nile master
Nilemaster E X C E L L E N T

Jean-Philippe Allard
I also agree that this is the best picture of the series. Deserves a place on the Elves table for next POW

John Lund
The photo is fine (perhaps a little dark), but it's the set -- with anthropomorphic narration -- that makes it powerful. It’s inspiration for thinking about photo presentations. Nice work.

Igor Titoff
Some nice storytelling. Feels almost like a sad fairy-tale for children. I am afraid though the story is much more prosaic than that. The swallows are in the middle of mating and, sadly, the female gets struck by a truck. The male, being in a certain state, referred to by some as "horny" and not realizing what has really happened to his girlfriend, keeps trying to proceed with his amorous sorties until our author decides to interfere and protect the poor feller from his own stupidity. It turns out, they, like us, sometimes don't let the right head think. I must add that you have done an admirable job of photographing the poor things and an even better one of interpreting the event. Speaking of Barn Swallows, they are the ones that got me hooked on birds. There are Barn Swallows all over the world.

Maarten van Hoven

tina ros
A story that makes me cry. :(

Rakesh Dhareshwar
very touching.........u just cant help but feel sorry for them......

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Unique A sequence & presentation that grabs deeply the soul

Derek Scott
It is a very sad story, my wife and I cried a tear for this poor family of birds.

richard armstrong
Not now... I've got a headache.

Sky Blue
I am very impressed with the photos I've seen here. Your documentary is very interesting and somewhat troubling as well. Regards, ~Sky

Clayton Berg
Well captured. This is what photography is all about, capturing moments in time.

Jay Sturdevant
I'm no Ornithologist, but, while I agree the narrative is touching, it certainly appears to me that the living Swallow is copulating with his dead friend's corpse. I would be interested to hear a non-sentimental bird behaviourist write an evaluation of this scenario. I once read an account by a scientist who witnessed one male duck chase another into a window. The pursuing duck then proceeded to copulate with the dead duck's corpse for six hours, providing fairly compelling evidence that ducks engage in homosexual necrophilia. Things are not always what they seem.

Esther N
Sad... It looks though like he is mating with her... :( least that's what it looks like when I see alive birds. Sad story anyway and great pictures.

M Jo
You are better than human I feel very sad about this story. The swallow has better heart than a human. We human-being are dried in the modern society. These photos are really touching me.

Trudy Loosman
this is so good! Sad thing to see, but so good captured! well done!

Tana Minnick
Beautiful. I'm going to pretend I never read some of the other posts about animal sexuality and instead stick my head in the sand and feel wondrous at the emotion a simple barn swallow displays for its' dead loved one. :)

hamed sp
they are Very beautiful and effective photo that i can not say anything about them.Regard hamed

Alessandro Travagli
I'we cried for it Excellent story,great use of potography for documentation.Excellent Alex

Naman Gupta
An ordinary enough looking pic. with an extra ordinary and very moving story. I love animals and are very moved by tragedies like these. I had seen a similar incidence a lot of years ago. A young dog whose mother died in an accident woudnt leave her body,nor did he allowed anyone else to pick it up (it was a local road of our area).He stayed with her body for atleast 2days/night before he was forced to move and the body was moved. If you look a little deeper into animal world, you will instantly realize that the bond between Mother and Child in animal world is equally strong as it is in Our world. Just thought of sharing my views/story with you guys.Thank you. Naman

Ela Jakiela
Heartbreaking... and beautiful.

Alex Milarakis
Excellent very impressive, unique. Comgrats !

Jay Sturdevant
This is undoubtedly one of my favorite pics having seen it here for the third time. While I'm naturally inclined to cut the little guy some slack for just doing what nature hard-wired his limited faculties to do, if everyone else is going to anthropomorphize his behaviour then I'm going to join in the fun. You sick over-sexed, perverted ball of feathers, stop humping your dead wife's corpse! What kind of demented avian freak would have sexual relations with someone while they are dying of internal injuries and continue to do so after they are dead. Sound stupid? No more so than the ridiculous sentimentality attributed to him above. Can't wait to see it again.

Gerry Priest
Thank you for this pictorial docu-drama. Very Moving.

Pooriya Zarrabi
Excellent... It's so impressional and you can enouncement your perception wonderfully. Oh, this shot in my country is so popular and some of people see this shot and so worried for these birds, this shot:

Jesse B
wow sad, yet beautiful. thank you.

Jesse B
Response to Jay Sturdevant Jay, = art, and as a result, sentimentality after a truly intellectual and inspiring critique like yours, one would be inclined to think you perhaps belong on some other site, perhaps something related to sex deprivation and the sort. please, let someone point you in the right direction. away. all the best.

Robert Weir
Fantastic, need a heart of stone not to be moved.

sina yildirim
Beautiful story...

Christhu Ami
Love and affection Excellent shots. Picture sequence also narrates the events. The story touched my heart. In that little body, too little heart filled with so much of love, affections! Amazing!! -Christhu

Ujwal Bhattarai
sad... A sad story....well told. Good work.

Cristos Kalangis
Sad but Beautiful Beautifully photographed, as was stated earlier, a true representation of what photography can really be. A heartbreaking story frozen in time for all. Wonderful.

Signe Robertson
This is such a sad story... Someone told me these photos are just photos of one bird killing another, shown in the wrong order and that birds don't have feelings, but that's such a stupid thing to say... I know birds have feelings, all animals do. It is so sad to see this bird mourning the other bird.

Marian Ramirez
HELLO MAGAZINE Hi Wilson, I work as a picture researcher for Hello! Magazine and would like to publish this set of pictures. Can you pls email me at the following address: as soon as you read this message. Thanks and best regards, Marián

dimitris apostolos

Nicolas Boileau
Very moving Great captures

Emmanuel Enyinwa
7/7 enthusiastically!!!

Excellent stuff. Great story telling in words and pictures.

Jinghua Zhang

Moving, Touching!

Thanks a lot, Wilson.

Frank Sines

Outstanding presentation. Very sad event, well captured. FS

Anand Dhupkar
Exceptional capture

we hear often about such emotions in animals amd birds in nature - you captured such an episode on vac era - i will say you we're fortunate to get an opportunity to see it happening in front off you and had exceptional presence of mind to capture it - surely admirable - keep shooting and sharing

Gail Harmer

I am curious Wilson, as to whether you took these images as I have seen them passed around on the Internet. You did say they were originally posted on a Website in Taiwan, so I can't help but question if these are YOURS or taken from a Website. Of course we are supposed to only Post our own images for Rating etc. but that really isn't my issue. I am not angry, I would just like to know if they were stolen from another Website and to know who the original Photographer is. If they are yours, my apologies for questioning you. If they are yours, would you mind furnishing some of the Technical Details. This would certainly help and diminish any others possibly thinking they are not your images. I tried copying and pasting the URL but I arrived at a page that said the 'page could not be found'. It would be nice to know that the excellent ratings you earned were actually for your own work. I am not asking in an 'accusing' manner, I just think it is a reasonable request.

kind regards, Gail

Harry Joseph

I witnessed this type of behavior with a group of squirrels in front of my home after one got hit by a car. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me to record the whole thing, but some squirrels even tried to drag the dead squirrel to the side of the road so he wouldn't  get squished anymore by oncoming cars.

Wilson Hsu
Grief - Barn Swallows Grief - Barn Swallows

Grief - Barn Swallows


It's a story about the barn swallows...


In Taiwan. Saturday in Harbor-South. It's a cloudy day. Many barn swallows appeared in Harbor-South, and some of them stayed on the street in flocks. Looking at the trucks running forward and backward on the street, I was worried about them. Suddenly, a big truck passed swiftly in front of me. What left on the ground is a little pile of black shadow. I knew some disaster had happend ... again.


Birds are also quite sentimental. Even though the swallow lying on the ground would no longer budge a bit, another one, looked like his family, flew to the side of him, relunctant to accept the truth ...


The third swallow came close to them, seemingly trying to tell him that the truth couldn't be changed ... But, he screamed dolorously, demanding his friend to leave ... he would rather believe that the disaster had never happened...


Another big truck passed. Strong blast turned the dead swallow on the ground. Observing the change of his gesture, the family swallow was inspired and flew immediately back to accompany the dead swallow ...


Accompanying the dead swallow, he shrieked at him, "Get up! Get up!"


Unfortunately, the other one could no longer respond ... Suddenly, the family swallow stepped closer, trying to grab his body and get him up ...


However, it's too much a burden for him ... But still, he fluttered the wings, again and again ...


The dead swallow couldn't respond, even through he wanted to .... I believe so ...


Another car passed, the family swallow flew up in fright, but came down again immediately after the car had left ...


Even though the other swallows told him that the efforts were in vain, he didn't give up, hoping against hope that his family would get up again ...


Another truck passed. The body budged a bit because of the blast ... The family swallow was inspired again and tried every possible attempt to get him up ...


Finally, he used up all the strength he coud possibly gather ... but still, he couldn't get any response from his family ... All of a sudden, he couldn't bear the sorrow, shrieking at him, "Why don't you get up ?!!!"

I couldn't continue the writing. At last, I was worried that this family swallow, which kept flying up and down when the truck passed, would get hurt by the vehicles, so I couldn't help but move the dead swallow to the bush on the side of the street, although I knew I shouln't have interfered. The family swallow hovered in the sky and screamed several times. Finally, he flew away ... accepted the truth

These pictures were originally posted on a website in Taiwan.

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