Barn Swallows 05

by Hsu Wilson

barn swallows seeking critique hsu wilson

Gallery: Grief - Barn Swallows

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Exif Information:
Make : Canon
Model : Canon EOS 10D
Date Time Original : 2004-03-20 19:23:33
Focal Length : 600/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/179
Exposure Time : 1/180
Aperture Value : 4.0
F Number : 4.0
Iso Speed Ratings : 200
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 180.000000
Y Resolution : 180.000000

Published: Sunday 25th of April 2004 11:09:33 PM


Enrique Acevedo
I am a beginner in photography, and I am trying to understand what photography is for ... now I know. Excellent shoot, color, message,etc. I recomend you to see the rest of the pictures of this story. Even in the picture "Barn Swallows 12" (which is the second one, I believe)comes the story from the photographer.

... ...we have to remember that our life is so short... GREAT PHOTO!!!

Mike Matini
sad, but very nice capture. You feel the yelling by the other bird, great capture of fealing

Marcin Roguski
fantastic !!!! i cant believe that....great, great shot....full of emotions, full of of best pics i`ve ever seen. fabulous !!! spectacular !!! really love it !!!

Tony Georgiadis
Great Capture of a great moment.

Regina Chayer
I enjoyed the presentation very much. I had no idea these birds acted in such a manner. Moving, heart wrenching, facinating.

s.t. cole
Thanks Wilson, this is incredible.

Ron van Elst
Partners for life Swallows are partners for life. So this one will be a grieving widow(er). Sad... Nice shot though. Defending it's loved one even after death.

Zacarias Mata
Very sad... Excellent!!

Ray Yeager
Great Shot Sad but amazing!

Aleks Jaskowiak
:_( ;-((((((((((( I don't know what say...

Rafael Cedano
Impresionante es una de las fotografias mas tristes que he apreciado en todo el internet, muy buena toma. Congratulations.

Cory Zelmer
Most powerful of the series. Great shot.

Matej Matos
Poor thing :(

Thomas Turk
Fantastic capture. Superb composition. Powerful emotional charge...but.. once we have read the comments on Wilsons presenation page, then we realise that we dont know what this swallow has on his mind..

Jerry Lee Bee
Its Funny... how even birds can have more compassion than people have for their unborn. If you were outraged if I said the bird is just disposable tissue, what about a human life ?

Sarah Underhill
WOW! What a photo...very interesting presentation.

Jonas Nielsen
Great emotional photo

Michael Nigro
They know. They care. They have emotions. I'm a hunter and I used to hunt Canada geese every fall. Like barn swallows, they mate for life. Upon learning that I stopped. Your image reinforces my decision.

Stephen Galea
I M A CU LA TE CAPTURE What a sense of feeling and expresion on the left bird which seems like crying for the loss of his friend maybe collegue! Lovely Seems a said picture but really wonderfull! Keep it up

Alec Ee
This is very good but the presentation you made on the other image is much better. I urge all who have not seen it to view this link and you won't be dissapointed. Great job Hsu:

Stephen Penland
A comment from a wildlife biologist who wrote his dissertation on birds in urban environments: this is an incredible shot.

Rui Santos

Gerard O'Leary
Barn Swallows Photo's like this are so important. Make you realise you are not the only one who feels pain at the loss of someone close

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Ohhh...this tears my heart out. Your whole folder of these two birds is tear-jerking. Poor babies. Right place at the right time. Incredible capture.

Jos Van Poederooyen
Heartwrenching..... You have captured the pain of life, and death...The depth of field is so perfect...this poor birds whole world is in this thin sliver of life in this moment...great shot, congratulations.

Pnina Evental
This is a very emotional story , photos, and documentation.Thanks for sharing.

Sébastien Pepinster
Incredibly sad... :-(

Erick Boileau
perfect 7/7 first time I give a 7/7 ! .... I feel so sad .... terrible foto ! ....

Eduardo Covett
Magnífico!!! You took the shot, man! Perfect!

Doug Johnson
Errr...ahhh What could this bird be thinking? Perhaps "smells like bird" or "I want food" or just about anything under the sun. Or for that matter, does a barn swallow have much thought beyond pure instinct? I don't know a lot about barn swallows, but I think the personification of human emotions could go a little too far here.

Hugh Hill
Heart-Wrenching This image image shook me at first I thought that it may have been a photoshop job with layers from two different images but on closer inspection realised it was what it is, a damned good shot. Respects

Doug Wean
"Just a Fantastic Image!

so sad! =0( it moved me for real!

A Wolf
one in a million shot this looks like a one in a million shot ......!!! very amazing look at life and death!

Chris Kuettner
Jeez, It's like photojournalism for those on the planet other than humans! Excellent work!!!

Olav Thu
Exceptional Very, very good!

Pradeep Raghunathan
very moving! this is a moving picture they are so sweet, my heartfelt condolences to the bird, let its soul rest in peace!

Fernando Trancoso
8/8 you are "the" man.

ah shui
i like the most is.... Of course the photo do tell us the story and it moves us. But the most attraction to me is You cherish the time, you catch the timing is very good. You got a good eyes and fast capture of what happening in this world. I think photographer should learn from this. It is important we all need to pay attention to what happening. And then capture it from the bottom of our heart, not from the brain. Good job.

Jean-Paul Nacivet
Human condition Splendid, this picture like in a mirror, show to us our own human fate, and show by selecting it the photographer's emotional qualities, and for this we like you as well.

Mario Spalla
FANTASTIC! Great shoot...I love it! Bravo!!

John Howard
Very touching I wish I never read the comments and just enjoyed the story

Baris Tuncertan

Joao Montenegro
Very Dramatic! Excelent!

Kamen Hursev
Pain I almost hear it's cry! The photo is wonderful.

Angelo F
Wonderful !!! Excellent !!!

kim DeSocio
sparrow wow im very new this site.. and this is one of the first pieces ive seen here.. adn this shows alot of the moment.. sorrow . pain.. you can almost sense the anger in the partner.. poor things both of them.. great shot!!!!!!

Clever Huang
Great,though I've viewed it in DCVIEW!^^

Linda Worth
This is so beautiful, so real. I feel what they feel, in tears here.

Cortés Escalante Mikel
Heart wrenching. Really sad

Cezary Galaj
7/7 Great emotional photo

Jan - Peter Lahall
Good and sad A very strong picture.

John Andrews
Cry Yes this will pull at you, a cry of injustice, or loss. great shot.

sean lulgjuraj
maybe thier was a swallow fight and the one is celebrating the victory, just another take on it, awsome capture.

Elena Kolesneva
superb work, to my mind blured asphalt sowewhat deverts attention, but anyway its great 10/10

benjamin howell
Moving... Full of emotion

Arman Dino
Very nice but at the same time sad image.

Konstantin Yudintsev
Painful! Just like people.

fabio gattone
7\7 great drama

the best photo I have ever seen..I began to cry after I saw the picture...Sometimes words are not enough..Thank you very much

Myrna Arroyo
What impressed me most is that I could "hear" the bird screaming! Very good timing! nice presentation. :-D

Sherwin James
Fantastic shot. Great capture of the moment. And the angle is up close and personal. (7/7)

Aivar Pärtel

Carlos Miguez Macho
UNA HISTORIA Esta foto se proyecta en el pasado y en el futuro. Cuando la vi por primera vez, me quede asombrado. Luego, a medida que pasaba el tiempo y seguia mirandola me iba conmocionando cada vez mas Encierra una historia del pasado (los dos juntos...)y cuenta una historia del futuro (la soledad...). Ver a un animal sufrir es como ver sufrir a un ni�o. Enhorabuena.

Aliosha Romero
7/7 Completely heart wrenching and yet a masterpiece... Congratulations!

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Paul Breen
7\7 I wish I could give 10\10 or Bring back life! So Sad.

Hugo vanG
Oh! man, this shot just kills me,...

Jan Peter
7/7 An incredible shot!

Mehmet Tüzün
Most dramatic photo, I ever seen. Congrats.

subhadip choudhury
Too good!! On its own a wonderful shot, showing life and death. But seen in context of the presentation and comments thereon, quite different. By itself, singularly this a great photo. It won't be possible for us to actually know what the living bird was thinking but we then tend to give human characteristics to animals in such situations, therefore, we tend to belive that in this image, the bird is grieving the death of a loved one. But if we see it only in photographic terms, its a top class shot. The Out of focus regions concentrate our attentiom just to the two birds. And we see the living and the dead in interaction. Very well done, Wilson.

CPeter Jørgensen
Did the bird die? I've seen birds like this, bluebirds and swallows, hit a window, drop to the ground, out cold and then recover in about 10 minutes and fly away. Unfortunately birds hit windows at my place two or three times a year. Perhaps 35% of the time they do recover, much to my amazement. Looks like this one fell on asphalt. As most bird photographers probably know, the birds do have a functional brain, do communicate and display emotions.

M.M. Meehan
OMG excellent capture. brings tears to my eyes. This photo has been brought to my attention in several places. Its one of kind. It holds immmense emotive impact.

Thanks so much for posting.

Hotlink, I hope: barn swallows

ken hawley
kenken In itself, the number of comments re this series says it all, and there is little that I can add that has not already been said. However...." an oportune moment for a true artist to make a most profound statement"....very moving!....Thanks

Arno Van Tilburgh
Great shot It is indeed a sad moment, and the strong emotion that are well captured, no need to have a title!

Ebru Namli
7/7 great shot but i feel so sad... :(

Vit Wainshtein
Incredibly sad... :-(

Espen Amdahl
Hello Good capture! Nothing hurts more than when innocent beings express sorrow. It`s the only way we can see true emotions displayed with nothing else involved. It`s all about interpretation and how the photo effects our emotions. Most people think animals accept the cycle of life and does not hold the intellectual capacity of grief, but it has been proven otherwise. I like the picture and it brings a message. Great work! Best regards, Espen

Biswajit Pandey
So emotive It's truly heart wrenching, excellent capture. my regards...

Ali Rezaeian
7/7 Very Beautiful ...

GD Whalen
This photo absolutely breaks my heart. Such a great but sad capture. Almost too painful to look at.

Afshin Azizi
Hello It as always a dream for me and I always wished to know who has taken this great and wonderful shot. Relly great descive moment and one of the bet shots take human has taken ever. I have seen this shot for thousands and thousands of times in different webligs and websites and ... I am not able to say anymore thing about this wondeful shot. It is really amazing. Composition,timimming,focus and atmosphere are rare. All the best 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

guo xiaojie
动物也有真感情 在这么一个社会,看见如此的画面,不知道该怎么样 welcome to my site

Naseer Fedaee

simin p
so drama it made me sad :-(

J. C.
Very powerful image.

Kimberley Roberts
What a poignant picture! Very well caught! Tried to view your presentation but it wouldnt let me...!! K x

Stephanie J.
This is a truly incredible photograph.

Reza Motaghedi
One of the best photos I have ever seen

Iker Iglesias
Incredibly real. Congrats Wilson, this photo is fantastic! Best wishes, Iker

Udrea Dan
What a ... What a photo... What a image... What a drama...

Rajyalakshmi Vathyam
Wow.. Its jus awesome.. or in other words... I m grief struck!! Your picture truly shows the pain felt...

Kombizz Kashani
Great capture of a small sadness of this little bird.
Now I am sure a real responsible person can feel the real pain of another human being in a bigger scale.
I guess you should present this image as a reminder to either Mr Bush or Mr Obama.

César Ruiz
Imagen llena de dramatismo y poesía. Enhorabuena!

tommi b
oh poor thing

this is so intense and sad

Kallol R

A striking image which left me speechless.Cannot say anything more as this image even left me feeling numb.

My best regards.


Shenandoah Place

Powerfull image..


Wilson Hsu
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