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Published: Sunday 25th of April 2004 06:51:23 PM


John Peri
Thank you Someone! I am so pleased when I hear from a lady, because they are in the position to be the most critical. Well, I guess you got got my message too, though I am not convinced that everyone did :-) I think the whole point is to let up a little and not to take ourselves too seriously, starting with myself! Furthermore, we are all capable of being beautiful too for a few moments too ... when we let go a little ...

Bob Rollar
Photoshop does wonders with tan lines.....Floating Diffused technique.

Robert Blake
The right foot should not have been cut off. Anyway, You can do better than this.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
I like this very unusual work! Cut and asymmetric...

Els Wetting
Hi John Peri, After reading all this technical discussions, here is my opinion, it is great sometimes there is a story behind the picture, you said something about enter a world of fantasy, and that's what you did to me. I like this very much, (and I am a woman) I wish I could 'handle PS', I don't have it but I do have Paint Shop, and sometimes I try to 'manipulate' photo's, but the most important thing you said: "and charm where everyone is beautiful and maybe even we are too ..", ofcourse we are, we just have to do/or be it.........Els, hope you understand my english, but I think you got the message.

John Peri
Bernhard, I fully understand and respect that you may dislke a photo. But you don't write to a fellow photographer on a public site that his work is sh.t. Thank you for removing that unnecessary word. On the other hand, I appreciate yout critic and your rating. It is amateurish, goodness knows what happened to that foot, and the PS work is just a joke. I was just amusing myself, hoping to amuse some others in the process. It relaxes me to do some gaudy, kitsch pictures sometimes, and it is myself that I am making fun of in the process, not the viewer. Maybe that has as much to do with a little self confidence as using naughty language!

John Peri
Bob ..it's something done on the spur of the moment ... why bother with tan lines! Admittedly, I don't know what happened to her foot though .. it's there in the original!

Bernhard Mayr
great shot, oh sorry meant to say something else but (admittedly) shouldn't have said it. As to what I expect in comments on my pictures, it's more honesty than respect. I feel secure enough about my self that I can stand an occasional abrasive comment, so feel free to comment on my pictures as you please, including words like the one I just removed upon your request. Comments that express strong opinions (in either direction) are certainly more wellcome than luke warm or nondiscriminating applause. To make this little conversation a little constructive: What I didn't like about the pic (and I didn't realize it was yours, I know your work and like several of your pics a lot): It looks cheap and technically amateurish, like the awful colors, cut-off foot and all too obvious photoshop work. See you around.

John Peri
All the best Bernhard, no hard feelings :-) .... but think also of the young person that is just starting out and will lock himself in the bathroom and cry all afternoon after reading your remarks!! now I must go and find that foot somewhere, it's obsessed me all evening!

Bernhard Mayr
Hi John having a little fun is perfectly fine and you're right, exposing oneself for critique with a pic that's outside your usual style gamut is a sign of confience. I guess if I had known that it's your pic and would have thought that your just trying to have a little fun I would have had a different perspective and would not have had made that comment. I was just checking the recent uploads without looking at photog name or critique request, just at the pic and saying what I felt like saying.

Nathan Z. Smith
It looks way too photoshopped around the edges of the model. I have had the same problem with other ideas. Reading above, I guess you already know that though. BTW, Your portfolio is outstanding, enviable.

John Peri
... all you have to do is put your hat on and lean forewards ... ... for those only that are able to detach themselves for a few moments from their daily stresses, in order to enter into this world of fantasy and charm where everyone is beautiful and maybe even we are too ..

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