by Soini Hannu

untitled seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Sunday 25th of April 2004 12:12:34 AM


Hannu Soini
my mistake! Y are right she pic was turned in the process...How did Y notice- must have been the direction of light..:)?

Thomas Paris
I have a problem with the orientation of this photo. It feels "wrong". Probably my mind of a westerner would feel more at ease with a down-right / up-left line than with this up-right / down-left

Edward Frederick Wong
Nice, very different (orientation), I like it though. The colours are also very vibrant. My only problem is teh quality of the image, especially visible at the dark black areas.

Hannu Soini
Monitor Gamma Thank You for your kind comment! I think that there is many similar problems in my portfolio as I use different monitors - with different values ranging 1.82-2.2.This together with the scanner and possible photomanipulation makes the photos vary in contrast. In fact this particular photo has details in the dark areas as well and is not manipulated at all- just scanned with Agfa's Duoscan. Similar "problem" is seen with many other portfolios. I try to correct this in the future by using as standard values as possible with the photo processing. Thanx again!

Hannu Soini
Thank You Alberto! I am glad You like the photo:) BR Hannu

Alberto Quintal
Hannu Lovey, very well done!!! Regards. Alberto

Hannu Soini
Does it float? Summer experiments...Feedback and comments are appreciated.

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