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Published: Saturday 24th of April 2004 03:44:02 PM


Hannu Soini
"Crossroads" Well, a day in the park.. the deep thoughts are there to begin with -fears and fun - but children are more intelligent than we think:)... world is big and there are many roads to explore... Basically just a lucky shot - and quick moment of truth to her.. Thank You for the kind comments.

Koos Net
Very nice pic. But way too big. Try 800 pix max.

nghj wgfvh
hi there normally i dont like shots like this.. familyalbum ...and so on blabla.. but this one is really good. i like the way it looks.. this foto got 'life' ..for me.. you only could have cropped the pic a bit.. on the left top there is this black line.. isnt that good.. maybe you could have tried to capture the entire shadow of the boy.. and last but not least..make it a bit smaller :) i know..its hard..i alwys upload to large pics too..hehe..but it kinda gets you down if you are forced to scroll about all the time :) anyway great shot..i like it keep it up best regards

Mario Novak
There is a deep thought behind the shot. Road of life is not straight line, there are curves and bends and road that is not paved. I don't think that all that went through your head when you did the shot, but editing of the shot is great. I don't agree with suggestion of croping of this image. On the right, there is suggestion of the fork in the road, like a fork in the phrophecy,..This may have started as a shot in family album, but it is much more than that,..maybe I'm just going over my head,...but this is how I experience this image, I would suggest to call this image "Crossroads"

nghj wgfvh
i only thought of cropping the black line away.. to make the image end ..like it should..end in the sky ..not with a black line...like this here.. okay thats it..

Stavros Papadakis
Clever and nice Nice photo, which path to choose, nice view

Hannu Soini
Crossroads First decisions - on a summer day. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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