by Amelkovich Igor

self captivity nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Friday 23rd of April 2004 01:58:31 AM


Rebecca Hunt
The model I think in this shot, shouldnt have worn shoes. To make it more artistic she should be bare foot. Also it be cool if there was like a giant scratch mark on the right wall to show an attempt of escape. Put some marks of dirt on her. All this, and I think the story could be dramaticised.

Stephen Galea
i m a c u l a t e person...ure wonderfull. VERY NICE IMAGE + IMAGES

Paul Muresan
well, what can I say, I just like the picture and also think that it is good that she is wearing those high-heels...!

Thomas Turk
Maybe because she is faceless, Vihram?? Much like Gibsons nudes, and... together, face and nude body, rarely work. ..

Vikram Bose-Mullick
I usually don't like ur work.. but I love this one!

Sarah Marie Jones
Beautiful lighting and toning.

Igor Amelkovich

Pamela Edwards
Superb. What a model! Love those heels.

Igor Amelkovich
Self-captivity. Studio

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