Hong Kong Island Hopper

by Tsoi Wilson

hong kong island hopper seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 23rd of April 2004 01:17:44 AM


Stephen Galea
Nice image...but the ship is going out of the frame...If it was placed on the left it will be better.

Jay Patel
Very nice pastel colors. If not for a rather distracting busy background, this would have an even better image.

Rebecca Hunt
Love the colours!

Wilson Tsoi
Stephen, Jay, Rebecca... ...thanks for your feedback. Jay, I was wondering about the exact same thing, whether or not to leave the original, busy harbor look, or have a clean shave. I updated it after all (had to "expand" the island as it looks empty,) so please click on "refresh" to view.

Lila 69
It's so beautiful picture! ...although I have a feeling that right side of it is going down. But it's beautiful:)

Wilson Tsoi
It was hand-held, Lila, so maybe a bit tilted? Thanks for pointing that out. No wonder the boat is shooting to the right. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Late Afternoon Ferry Ride, Critique? One of many hydrofoil type of ferries serving Hong Kong's many out lying islands. It was a pleasant, late afteroon on the way back from Lantau Island. What works, what doesn't, how can I improve this? Thank you in advance for feedback.

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