They Call Him "Red"

by Crosley John

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Published: Wednesday 21st of April 2004 01:39:25 PM


A Monty
Gosh - I hope his heart is okay.My son gets the same colour to his face when he dirties his nappy!!!

Andy D
I love the look on this guys face... Looks like he is really straining. What was he doing ?

John Crosley
Red complected in the sun Red, as he is known, is of northern European extraction with naturally red hair and extremely delicate skin natural to redheads, and when he works every day in the sun, the coloring is natural. Probably he colors his hair, maybe his wild eyebrows too, but skin color is entirely natural for a redhead who's under Old Sol's rays all day long. Such people do not tan as such, they just turn red, and some freckle, but not "Red". John Crosley

John Crosley
What was he doing? Red was engaged in a favorite pasttime of his. An extremely intelligent man and highly educated (whether highly schooled is another matter). He was engaged in an explanation of why the huge population of protected sea lions and their ravenous appetites easily outstripped any "overfishing" by the country's fisheries and the relative merits and demerits of fish farming complete with facts and figures and seemingly well researched -- two subjects about which he felt very strongly. Red is quite obese, older, and ready for retirement, and coupled with a head of steam about his two favorite subjects (and his light complection and natural red coloring which gives him his name) "Red" practically "glows" doesn't he?

Alan Barr
Great Work Full of character! A small note of criticism: The tones and color nuances seem to get lost around his chin and neck. I suspect that the negative has enough detail to bring these out. Great work!

A Monty
Gosh - I hope his heart is okay.

Phil Rogers
Hi John, this is an excellent shot. Everything you have done with this one is great. DOF, low composition to give him an elevated character, The backround is o.k but doesnt really display his environment. That doesn't matter, i guess it's more of a close portrait. Just the box on the right is a bit distracting from the seaside feel. Anyway still a great shot to capture his personality. Well done.

John Crosley
I once knew a lawyer . . . (and if that isn't indictment enough . . .) that lawyer said, in reference to serving summonses and complaints and subpoenas "You Serve 'Em Where You Get 'Em". Well, the same in my photography. I don't have the luxury of being hired by my subjects and posing them. I just hang around and sometimes use a long lens, or if they're nice enough to talk to me, I talk with them, explain what I do, and snap away. Occasionally, if there's something distracting, I may ask them to move it, or reach out to move it myself, but generally, it's "I shoot them as I see them", and often I only have less than a minute with my subjects. Because "Red" here wanted to talk and he was on a ladder, the viewpoint was already set, and the question was how much of him I showed. I have less close-up shots of him making a point with his finger, but thought that I would post this one. By the way, he was painting his boat before the start of the salmon season, just started -- his last, he told me, before he goes RVing (that's Recreational Vehicle traveling throughout the United States in a "motor home" for you folks in other countries -- a luxury form of caravaning).

John Crosley
Hi Joan 'Red' here, who is ruddy naturally and sunburnt on top of that, probably (if he has not had an infarct -- heart attack) is spending his days going around the US on a Recreational Vehicle -- motor home -- as the salmon season this year was literally sealed off except for extremely small catches and Red was planning on retiring anyway. I like that you are wandering around my portfolio. Happy trails to you. John (Crosley)

Joan Newhall
Another great face. Thanks for leading me here. :)

John Crosley
They Call Him "Red" They call him "Red" for obvious reasons. A fisherman for a lifetime, he is a fount of knowledge and facts about the Pacific Coast Fishery and its relation to random events, overfishing, and marine mammals. Well into his 70s, he'll retire soon. Nikon 8008s, Nikkor 35-80 "D" at 35 mm, shown during work on his boat in drydock before salmon season. (eyes are shown as normal) Your honest ratings and critiques are most welcome!!! (Please support any harsh ratings with a commentary/please share your superior knowledge). Enjoy!!!! John Crosley

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