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Published: Wednesday 21st of April 2004 01:23:55 AM


Dimitar Jeliascov
Bravo Kim!

Kim Slonaker
Lou Ann, I believe it was Highway 97 and this was south of Cache Creek if I remember right.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
FAITH is right!!!!! WOW!! This is a great shot for so many reasons, Kim!! I love it!! First of all, without the church, it embodies what I love about mountains ... the sheer lack of human control over what happens on the sides of them. You can just imagine the rockslides. But the church at the bottom as part of your composition adds SO MUCH scale and human interest to the photo ... and so much better that it's a church and not a McDonalds or something else because you definitely can draw all sorts of parallels and paint all sorts of imagery. This is just wonderful!! What a great eye you have for this stuff!!! By the way ... what highway in Canada? Do you remember?

Kim Slonaker
Thanks for all the comments, everyone. I'm a little surprised because I almost didn't post this one. It was amazing when we saw it in person, but I didn't feel like the image really captured the scene as well as I would have liked.

Els Wetting
AMAZING This is a unbelievable..speaking about faith.. composition, and you are right, about the size of the church

James Oliver
Absolutely awesome! Churches, with their spires are built to inspire awe, so to see this against the sweeping mountain slope inspires even greater awe for nature. Congratulations on a magnificent shot. One of the best I've seen.

Paul David Athey
Awesome & Inspiring in one amazing photograph. Congratulations on visualizing and capturing this so well. Superb. Paul.

Kim Slonaker
Len, no optical illusion here. There is a little distance between the church and the hill, but if there's a bad slide, it could get the church, too. The thing is, it's not really mud, but more gravel, so maybe slides aren't a problem. Also, I think this is a fairly low snow area, too, so an avalance isn't likely.

Russ Higgins
Ask the same of the folks in southern Alberta a place called Frank's slide. Superb shot.

Bente Nielsen
Another church... threatened by the surroundings!!! Very impressive photo... very.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks for commenting, Sarah and Russ. Robert, I couldn't remember where this was, but now that you have said Spences Bridge, it makes sense. We go through there usually every second year on our Canada trip, but I had never really noticed this church until our last trip through. We're going back in July/Aug and maybe I'll see if I can get another shot with different lighting. Thanks for visiting and for the history - very interesting!

Kim Slonaker
Thanks for commenting, Regina.

Robert Holmes
Spences Bridge Kim, This church is in a village called Spences Bridge, on the Thompson River between Kamloops and Lytton in British Columbia...It is the next town to where I live in the mountains, and there is a large Indian (First Nations) community there....It is also the original home of the "Granny Smith" apple...Old Widow Smith brought apple seeds out from Scotland in the 1890's and planted them there, where they thrived and were subsequently sent to England where they became very popular...It is an excellent capture of this interesting place.

Regina Chayer
One fabulous shot! Never seen anything like this Kim... great capture.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Bente. A different perspective on a church, for sure...

Len Marriott
Faith or tempting fate ? Kim, Fantastic sense of scale. Perhaps an optical illusion but the hill sure looks ominous. Re: attending church service here....Call it faith if you want to but it looks like tempting fate to me. Best, LM.

Pnina Evental
There is always surprises have nearly not uploaded that one, and good that you did, as it is a very special capture,it bringe the thought how fragil is human being comparing to nature. Pnina

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Pnina. Sometimes it's hard to know what people will like. The ones I think are great sometimes don't generate any comments and others (like this one that I almost didn't post), seem to reach a lot of people.

Sarah Underhill
WOW! Love it! So different! Great composition!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Still lovin' this!!! :)

Kim Slonaker
Regina, email me an address to mail this to and I'll send you a print.

Regina Chayer
This would be a nice one to add to your web site...(hint hint... I would buy it!)

Kim Slonaker
Paul, we drove by here again on the second trip to Canada in July and we almost missed it! I didn't see the same thing as what I shot in March! Weird - I guess the lighting was just right earlier in the year. It was rather disappointing the second time around as it didn't stand out at all.

Kim Slonaker
Jeff, everything came together when I took this shot; on a future trip, I almost missed the church because we came alongside of it on the same side of the highway, instead of on the opposite side where I took the original, and the lighting was dull. There is actually some distance between the church and hill that isn't apparent in this shot. I've never been able to get a similar shot on our trips since this shot.

Jeff Henderson
Excellent title for this image. What an awesome view, though, eh? Great work, Kim.

Howard Dion
Totally emotional response to this image. One picture is worth a thousand words.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher

WOW - the first time I saw this was in 2004.  WONDERFUL!!!!  Thank you again!!  :)

Kim Slonaker
Yeah, I've reshot it a few times!

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