Overpass Rendezvous...

by Tsoi Wilson

overpass rendezvous seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 20th of April 2004 12:28:46 AM


David McCracken
Maybe a bit hard! Maybe I have been a bit hard on this. However, when I compare it with your other work, I know you can do better. Hope you make it back here soon!

David McCracken
Next time Wilson I like the overpass section of this photo. The lone figure looking out while the rest of the world goes by is something that appeals to me. This has been a main project in my head for some time. Hong Kong is a very busy place and yet their is a fascination with queueing and waiting. The cover over the overpass ruins the shot for me. (Just being honest!) Glad you made it home OK. Next time you are in Hong Kong, I hope you get the time to get some serious photo shooting done!

Wilson Tsoi
...Howdy David! After this trip, I truly wish I were in your shoes! What a magnificent destination HKG is! Unfortunately there were "obligations" and an "unfortunate occurance" that kept me occupied through out last week. Thanks for the crop suggestion and may be see you next time.

Wilson Tsoi
Waiting on an Overpass, Feedback is Appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time. Didn't get to shoot much at all this HKG trip, this one was squeezed off while walking with relatives to a dinner.

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