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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Sunday 18th of April 2004 09:45:03 AM


Jack Blake
John... you are SO wierd!!! why do I like this?? hehe

Colm Brennan
interesting it's really very good John, my only criticism is the non anti-aliasing of the type.

John Peri
So that's where your thoughts wandered in schooldays David.

Darko Kordovan
For me the moments of frustration could be so creative because we do not dare to do in a regular moments something what we do when we are crossing the border of our own rules.This one step behind is perfect.Why not.Everything is here.The subject,the light,composition,texture and imagination.Perfect and provocative.Just keep in mind that this is an "frustration" product and continue to explore sometimes when you are not frustrated.It have to be more and more good trials. John, that`s what happend when you are dealing with girls and PS.Both will drive you crazy,I know that feeling.:-)) --darko

Linda Keagle
John I love the surreal quality of this! Has a Magritte feeling....I agree with Darko...sometimes frustration can yeild great creativity.

John Peri
I'm really glad that some of you seem to like this. Admittedly, I did not expect it. It also appears that the meaning of the title got across to all of you. Thank you very much.

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John Had an art teacher that said "All things artistic are a series of chance, where the paint falls, or the light ect. In the end a true artist knows when to use that chance to make his statment" *R*

Natasha Gudermane
Interesting question....And very original image

Max Haynes
John! It's art! It's such a departure for you, I love it. I love that you are stretching!

Owen O'Meara
John: This is a beauty. I don't give many 7/7's -Owen

John Peri
I was crazy about my teacher, but love for me in those days consisted in holding hands ... if you were lucky !

Claude Stephan
nice Beautifull!nice teacher :)i thinku like only her body

Avinash Tavares
Great work. Although the image quality of the alphabets can be better, it doesnt need to. It has so much relevance today; especially when kids learn about sex the same time they learn ABC...

Raymond Elstad

Fabulous John! I've recently read a series of books, not sure how to discribe them... Mystery? Science Fiction? Humor? Marvelous books though that I highly reccomend by a fellow from Wales named Jasper Fford (there are two f's) about Thursday Next. The first one (best to read them in order) is called 'The Eyre Affair'. The reason that I'm mentioning them here is that Thursday is able to enter books and interface with the characters in them. One of the worst things that can happen to a fictional character is to be reduced to text, which this image of yours may just illustrate.
Cheers, Raymond

John Peri
Is love impersonal ? Actually, I made this in a moment of frustration ... I am not able to determine if it is of any interest or not, probably not, but then don't be afraid to say so ... !!

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