MG bath 2

by Peri John

mg bath nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Portrait

Published: Saturday 17th of April 2004 06:59:09 PM


Steve nicholson
I prefer the second image.First has model looking above the inner image.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Why do we need to choose? :)
Each version have different charm inside, both looking very attractive. Can we have them both? :)))

John Peri
Please let me have your opinion if you have one ...

Michael Bradford
First one is more harmonious than second one. Go for it.

Thomas Collins
I vote for the first image, with the model looking into the frame. Unique and effective imagery John!

Curt T.
yes this is my favorite of your models. Nice composistion, and I like the towel. lol ct

Tony Rowlett
I think the first (original) one is better, but I really love both! Your work is awesome.

David DePasquale
The first one has my vote- the pose and gaze are more direct . She seems to have more confidence than some.

Bill Keaton
Definitely the first image. The lines are simpler, flow better, and having the subject face the other images ties it together better....

Armindo Lopes
Very good and original. I think that the model should be turned into the frame and not out of it.

David McCracken
For what it is worth! I prefer the 2nd one John. There is no magical or technical explanation for this. I feel that it is the one that hits my eye in a more pleasing manner! I am curious to know, which one you like more.

John Peri
After the shower Just to end up the weekend on a lighter tone .... some of you may not like either, but if you do have a preference, please let me know which of the two versions posted here you prefer ...

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