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Published: Friday 16th of April 2004 04:40:44 PM


Asim H.
good shot, john. i like her pose very much. only minor gripe is the dark area (probably a doorway) on the very left. perhaps cropping a tad tighter on that edge. howard, i hope you get your keyboard cleaned up soon.

John Peri
Thanks Asim, I hadn't even noticed it. It shouldn't be hard to clean up.

Galeuchet Thierry
Lovely !

Asim H.
one more thing i noticed john, you shot this with superia. in my opinion, i think skin tones and colors are more appealing and natural looking with something like fuji nph400 (i really like it) or the kodak portra series (never personally used but heard good things about). if you haven't tried them, might be something to increase your arsenal.

John Peri
No, sex appeal is not the issue here. What I see is a sensitive young woman with self confidence and doubt, a mixture of curiosity and determination, who has accepted the challenge to be photographed in an effort to better understand herself. But then, I was holding the camera of course.

Howard Dion
John, absolutely a WINNER. Congratulations. Her personality covered my entire keyboard. Regards, Howard

Cristina Fumi
beautiful portrait and great exposure.

Marita Toftgard
great model...and very interesting expression....;-)

John Peri
Candid portait 2 Sometimes the "in between" shots are more fun than the posed ones ....

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