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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 15th of April 2004 09:08:15 PM


David Vorland
Incredibly beautiful Incredibly beautiful image!

John Peri
Ha! Bailey liked this one (private joke with Zee Zee!). However, watch it David .. you saw what happpened last time!! Yes, she is a great model, but then, aren't nearly all young ladies so ? However, as you very rightly say taking the picture is the easy part. The really challenge is in getting them to accept to pose! What suprises me in fact is how many girls just cannot imagine how well they can turn out on photo. This one took me quite some time to convince and then ... the usual reaction ... wow .. that's me?! .... Sorry, had to add another one ... I just love her profile ... and did you see that look !

Marita Toftgard
very beautiful lady...and nice angle...

John Peri
Ha Pedro! If you spoke to her you would be much more impressed! She is a highly articulate, motivated and charismatic person. That is why I referred earlier to her "look". Does that intelligence not shine in her expression.

nick kessler
that is an amazingly beautiful shot. the other shot happens to be terrible tuesday in my opinion

Marvin Price
Amazing As always, amazing. Mr. Peri, you should publish a paper on persuading models to pose. I can't even get my grandmother to pose! I sincerely enjoy look at all of your photographs. M.

John Peri
Marvin, I don't say it's simple, it's not. But I ask my models if they have any girlfriend who they think may also like to be photographed. They introduce me to their friends, I show them an album ... very often they are pleased to pose. There is no quick recipe for this I'm afraid.

Marvin Price
Thank You Oh, I didn't think it was simple. I suspect it is mostly a "god given" talent. You use it well. M.

John Peri
Jo from the side She has this special profile ....

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