Close to a wall.

by Amelkovich Igor

close to a wall nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 15th of April 2004 11:23:59 AM


Bart W.
Well executed amazing image, inspiring work! Look at those lower legs, some power in there. The pose is striking, unusual and intresting. Somehow the way the models hair is adds to the image a lot (cant explain why though). The background suits perfectly, as well as the shoes. Exposure wise I see nothing I would change, not even the slightest. I just uploaded a presentation with B&W nudes, maybe if you have some time you can take a look? Overall, this image of you is spot-on the kind of images I envision, although I am not halfway as good at execution.

In response to the other comments I see so far: i.m.h.o. the space given by the wall is excellent, it allows room for the circular curve I see around the model, complimented by the lighting. Again, just perfect.

Ivan Colman
Personally I think the human figure is a bit small. With other words, I find the background "border" around the woman is too large.

Mark Muller
Don't like the shoes I really don't like the high heels in this shot - they seem like an intrusion. They add nothing, and subtract from the lovely spareness of the shot.

Igor Amelkovich
I love high heels. They make a leg.

jamin mathis
i agree that the space is just right but i very tierd of seeing naked girls in high heals wich is amazing becuz after all thay are naked girls wich i love.i guess it maybe a generashonel thing.but good work any how

Igor Amelkovich

Igor Amelkovich
Close to a wall. Studio

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