The shepard

by Barbu Floriana

the shepard hateg aspherical mm kodak megabyte pictu barbu floriana

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Published: Wednesday 14th of April 2004 02:32:10 PM


Floriana Barbu
Thanks for all ! Thanks for all comments!I can't crop the sky because for me, the sky ad a drama to the photo;even Len version has 7/7 rating:))Thank you Len and best regards for all !

Mahrashk Meidani
this is great. heavenly.

Walter Tatulinski
Very nice! This is a great photograph. The composition is fine and I would not crop it at all. Wonderful lighting, atmosphere and mood. If I had to make any changes, I would clone out the one sheep on the left that is being cut in half by the frame. Regards.

Daniel Malowany
Beautiful the way it is I think it is a beatiful shot just the way it is. It has great atmosphere, and at first I thought it was made with a traditional film camera using Provia or Velvia. To me it is a landscape picture, about the entire landscape, not just the sheep or shepard. I also love the mountains in the background and the tender way the shepard is feeding (or holding) the sheep.

Pnina Evental
Nice atmospher to the subject.well done Floriana

kathryn a. cunningham
Quite Lovely A captured moment of tenderness. And is very beautiful.

Cristina Pysyka
beautiful! ahhh..plaiurile noastre mioritice! :) foarte placute culori in fotografia asta.

Tony Georgiadis
That's a fine shot.

Nicolas Daudin
excellent excellent excellent shot!! I knew you would make it to the top! Very happy for you! Take care

herbert fernandes
Excellent!! What more could i say.. its so lovely and perfect. I can feel the coolness in this pic,, great mood and atmosphere.

Len Marriott
Floriana, I know the sky is interesting but it has a brightness level that tends to draw the eye away from your subject, the sheep & shepherd. I offer another crop for you to consider where the sky doesn't have as much impact although enough is left to identify it as a promising rain maker. After cropping, I adjusted the levels to minimize the brightness of the sky. Of course, with my version, the rating would be a 7\7 :) Best, LM.

Francesco Martini
Very good and poetic country image!!!!

Charo Diez
I love this photo very much: firstly for the old painting look, and the way you have captured the lighting. Secondly for the way you have framed it, I am sure most of us would have choosen an horizontal frame but yours works so well!. Also by the way the man is possing, the mood... definetevely I like your upload much more than the suggestion uploaded, the grey sky at the top is needed to get that painting look. Congrats.

Andrei Ciripitca
Foarte buna fotografia. Muntii sunt superbi. Andrei

Angel Luis Hernandez
Beautiful shot. Fantastic!!!

Floriana Barbu
Indeed the half sheep cut by the frame is not right.Thank you Walter! Thanks for all comments;are wellcome!

Jonas Nielsen
I love this photo! Very, very beautiful!

Zacarias Mata
Beautiful... Congrats.

Fulvio Giannini
A nice shot! Congrats

Guido Fulgenzi
I love it!Beautiful atmosphere,congrats.

Paul Muresan
Tinuturi pitoresti, imagine pitoreasca.Good work.

Armindo Lopes
Outstanding image!

Cristina Fumi
Floriana, this is very very very good! Don't crop it, as you said the sky adds drama and its whitness balances that of the sheeps. Composition is great like if it were an old renaissance painting. You are very talented.

Bente Nielsen
Absolutely beautiful.

Rick Louche Jr
It has an almost old world painterly feeling. Very nice!

hans molenkamp
Remark Floriana, it is a fantastic shot and you published it this way because that's how you made it in the first place. To all the others who advice you to change the effects, I would like to mention that cropping is the last thing you do. A good photographer will aim at a shot that is complete and needs no cropping at all. In other words, only if there was no possibility to make that 'perfect' shot ( e.g. a not straight horizon or so) one could think about cropping. In my opinion that's exactly the difference between a good photo and a less one. Once again: A perfect moody shot. Keep up the good work.

Gaetan Chevalier
Superb capture of beautiful light and colors. Bravo for a wonderful photo.

Stephen Penland
For me, the sky/clouds and the mountains really make the picture. I like the adjustments Len made to the foreground, but personally I don't want to crop any of the's too important for the mood of this image.

Floriana Barbu
Thanks for all!

nuances great picture, and leave the sky as it is now

Marita Toftgard
love the heavy sky on those beautiful hills/mountains...and fascinating pastoral foreground...

Vince Pulvirenti

Moira Jones
Simply beautiful.

C. Jaeger

Martin Woolnough
Keep it as is Florianna, It's as good as a classic painting and I don't thing an 'old master' would ever dream of getting out the scissors to chop out the canvas shape or spraying a special toner to filter what he or she had originally done so well. Keep it as is and ignore the crop brigade. Great job.

Michael Cohen
Shepard Super photo - congratulations Michael Cohen

Hanna Cowpe
What a beautiful scene, photographed at its best. I wouldn't crop the sky because it's part of the mood and allows the eye to drift into the distant hills. Even the half sheep on the borders leads the viewer to look at the entire scene, and you couldn't crop them out without cutting into others. Leave it all as it is I say. It's wonderful.

Scott Lowrey
Great!!!!! I just joined this site today and this is one of the best pictures I've stumbled upon so far, my kind of photography, well done!!!

may matysik
the shepard I'm sorry but I disagree with the guy who cropped this picture. I love the way the clouds draw your eye up as the sheep and the pasture draws your eye back down again. I LOVE THIS PRINT.

Jim Willoughby
I too think this needs a bit of a crop. It's beautiful, but the sky and mountains are not the subject, the kindly old shepherd and the sheep are. Beautiful photo.

Stephen Penland
Ann, adding an attached photo like this to your comment on a landscape photo is, IMO, quite inappropriate.

Ann Dream
comment great work..good idea..very emotional

Tanya Hutchings
The Shepard

Simply beautiful!  So simplistic, but also so complete.  The details that are captured in this photo are divine!  Love the contrasts, varying depths, and colors.  A story indeed captured, told and shared.

Howard Vrankin
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I think "shepherd" is the spelling. Anyway, this is a very pastoral scene - a classic theme that has been depicted in art, music, and literature for many centuries. The pastoral theme touches something deeply in many people across cultures. I find the composition very pleasant and like the lighting effects. This is serene, an image of nurture and safety in a world largely lacking such experiences.

Ken Thalheimer
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu It is a classic scene. The 3 divsions within is a good thing. Holds one's interest. Beautiful shot

Terrific Am I to believe that I don't have to spend $8000 for a new Canon to create such a wonderful story. This is shocking!!! For a mere $200 I might find the ability to be considered for POW. In other words I don't need to read every review praising the next "you gotta have camera" or I will never accomplish a feat as worthy as this picture of the week. My faith has been restored and no longer will I feel like an outcast with my older and much outdated equipment. That being say, Congratulations on a magnificent and well deserved "Picture of the week."

Aaron C.
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Further proof that it's the photographer and not the camera. Wonderful shot - great job. A little less sky might be nice, or the square crop demonstrated by another reviewer might improve an already excellent image.

Jay Patel
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu The image is terrific as is. There is no need to crop or modify otherwise.

The shepard and the sheep are the subject of the image that convey emotion. The mountains provide the user with idea or the surrounding beauty, while the sky provides an element of danger, uncertainty. To me the photographer has managed to capture the emotions of shepard magnificently. In the photograph, the shepard’s attention and care is totally focused on the sheep in presence of such breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountain side and in spite of facing possible thunderstorm.

Ilia Varlachkine
Like a painting! Stunning, really! When saw this photo on the front page I thought it's painting from the bible. I go through gallery every now and again, there are not so many images that attract so much that I'd like to have them on the wall. This is one of such. Congratulations! If you don't mind a little of critique, then I'd leave just very slightly more space in the right bottom corner. And delicate touch of soft highlights (not to increase contrast but just to bring the mood up) would make it ideal, pity one can't adjust weather. Wonderful image!

David Prouty
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu The great thing about this photograph is that it has a number of additional photos built in to it. Many crops to this image would make good photos. Take the mountains alone with a small amount of sky, or take the lower portion of just the fields and sheep and shepherd, or from the bottom of just the mountains up to the top of the sky, or from the bottom to the just over the top of the mountains, or... well you get the picture (pardon the pun). Leave it as is and make some with some crops. All will be good when you have such a good image to start with! Great work!

Michael Alexander
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I noticed that fog obscures near hills more than distant hills. This implies a gap in the fog behind the near hills. This fog inconsistency is good, because it allows you to see more hills. Great Picture.

Kim Slonaker
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I think this is perfect, as is. I like the vertical look better than the more square crop as it gives more depth. The lighting is very pleasing. As for being divided too much, it held my interest totally, even though my eyes moved all over it. No part disappoints. Very nice composition and very worthy of POW.

Steve Bingham
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I might consider some additional dodging and burning but I certainly would NOT crop the image. I love it just as it is! Lovely photograph.

Bill Keaton
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu This is a great truly captures the moment...but, I would dodge the foreground and burn in the whiteness of the sky just a little. The brightness of the sky is too overwhelming and the eye is drawn there.

Svein Frode
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu A little burning of the sky and this would be perfect technically (for me). I agree with those who said the brightness of the sky takes focus away from the subject to some extent. On the other hand, the image is able to communicate such a wonderful concept: The sheperd and his sheep and the environment in which they live. A perfect photograph combining the best in a landscape with a street shooting feel.

Hulki Okan Tabak
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu From one perspective the three parts of the image is a good thing that keeps us occupied. However, the eye naturally slips to the brighter section which distracts attention from the shepherd. That I think is the alternate perspective -- the subject matter of the photo (maybe undeliberately) gets sidelined. The interaction of the three parts does not naturally end in solidifying the shepherd as the main subject, rather they end up portraying a country scene. Consequently, depending on the purpose of the photographer the three part set up can be a good thing or not exactly as intended. Of course if it had been the latter, there are technical possibilites to foster it in the darkroom or on the PC.

G .
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Very nice work Floriana! The gentle golden light and muted colours lead me to think this shepherd [and yourself] were up at dawn here. The composition re divisions, work fine for me and I like that you opted for more sky than you might have - it offers a feeling of openness rather than boxing in the shepherd and sheep with a crop, which would have made a completely different picture. The shepherd seems a character that really is fond of his sheep - so I guess there's no mint sauce on the table in his house on a Sunday. :)

Laura E. Napolitano
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I was very proud to see this camera was actually similar to one that I used to use regularly! (I have the DC4800) I don't think an image can be divided too much just because there are three things going on in the image at one time. I think an image can be like a circle -- there are infinite points of division and intersection. It's just *how* they are arranged that determines the clarity to the human eye. As far as I am concerned from my computer screen, it is an awesome image and I am definitely kept occupied...I wish I was there, to be honest. :-X lol

Janet Cull - Western NC
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I like everything about it! It's just beautiful. I'd like to hear about the place, how you happened there. (And boy, wouldn't we all like to visit?) It's too pretty to keep to yourself. Will you sell prints or market it somehow? (Sorry to sound so mercinary, but it really is so nice one would want it to be seen far and wide.)

Aart Hennekes
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu What a beautiful picture it is, it would be better to see this one in landscape instead of vertical.

Michael Nigro
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu i think this is a charming image but it is a bit flat and can use some contrast,dodging and burning manipulation.

Ajoy Prabhu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Just WONDERFUL!! I disagree with Len. The brightness of the sky lends itself to the beauty of the scene. :) Just MY perspective! Ajoy

Robert Holmes
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Romania a la Floriana...................................... I have admired Floriana's work from the first few days that I spent on photonet.....Her digital work equals most Fuji Velvia that I see, with its gentle, warm and deep colours..........She is a good advertisement for Romania, which was cut off from the world for so many years by an evil dictator, and for the Romanian people, who have had to work hard to catch up with the rest of the world.

adam buteux
Nice - (how much photoshop?) 1st and most importantly its a lovely shot... Now! Is it two pictures put together in photoshop? The foreground and background light just looks enough different to think this. How much editing was done? Still a lovely shot no matter how it was done

Michael Brown
Beautiful I don't usually get caught up in the POW discussions, but rather just watch ringside. First and foremost, it's an amazing shot, with a little divine intervention to give it that magical feeling. The elves got it right, it is charming, not quite a 7/7 for me, but it's great to see a landscape shot up again!!

Les Berkley
I messed with it Anyone like this version? (Flames permitted)

Les Berkley
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Here is the correct version. Yeesh!

Tanvir Ahmed
I got the L I got the ED ooff!! I got the Giga Pixel.... Hi, I got the Gi(Me)ga pixel, I got the CMOS, I got The RGB CCD, I Got the Foveon, I got the L-Class, I got the ED, Ohh!! Dammn! Why my gears dont take a picture like that ?! Oh! I know, I got to get the next Ziga Pixel and the Next Super Wide.... Anyway I realy envy the Photographer of this Picture. RGDS To All

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Floriana, i just like the version you choosed for upload. The balance between the three parts of the picture is perfect for this kind of shot. Furthermore i like the smooth light and the general mood of the scene. Find a picture like this is a joy !

Floriana Barbu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I'm feel honoured !I never thought this photo has so many meanings.I was lucky to be there and I was lucky than the shepard don't see me at the first time.Thanks to all! Floriana Barbu

Carol Marcely
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Floriana, This got three or four "Oh my God's" from me. I own sheep, and this perfectly captures the peace these creatures exude. My eye goes right to the human/animal connection between the shepherd and his flock. Very nicely captured! Best, Carol L. Marcely

Michael McCullough
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu A very beautiful image,composition and lines are excellent,colours subdued,a great feel!!!!

Paul Mason
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I think the picture is excellent as is !! Cropping out the clouds would be a mistake. Visually the darkness of the clouds serves as excellent framing. Subjectively they support the theme: a shephard is the guardian and protector of his sheep, in this case to offere reassurance against the elements. I think the opening caption is right on in praising the existence of having 3 areas of interest within one photo. What makes it work is they all work together - there is no competition between the areas of interest, but rather reinforced continuity. Beautiful shot !!!

Sally Delacruz
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu What a great choice! This is great photo for me. It has a universal perspective with a classical theme, one that have been presented in a variety of forms even in the painting of some well known artist like Thomas Kinkaid and others. The Shepard tending his sheeps with the spectacular vistas behind him. It's is so therapeutic and it can be religious too. I like the picture as it is,it looked like a raw file,is it not Floriana? This was how you see it? Thanks...

G .
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu The suggestions for boosted contrast just don't do it for me. It always makes me wonder why lower contrast pictures are so often seen as 'flat', when what I see is a whole range of delicate gradiations and soft pastel palettes working together. It's part of the attractiveness of this capture; the scene is softly lit and slightly misty, so why boost contrast to take away those conditions? Punchier colours and brighter contrast doesn't seem to fit for me.

Yatish Kumar
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Contrast and saturation are excellent. I haven't seen any suggestions that improve on the original. With the possible exception of eliminating the 1/2 sheep. Even that I don't know is necessary.

Dietrich Speer
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I would not crop the image at all. I think the sky with its lighter and darker tones is what makes a big part of the attraction of this photo. Unfortionately it sounds like this comes from a digital media, so there is no making large prints of it. It would be a perfect photo for the bedroom. Dietrich Speer

Floriana Barbu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Dear Sally Delacruz,it is not a raw file, it is what I saw.In Transilvania (Hateg is in Transilvania) is an ordinary scenary...You go close to the mountains and hills and you can see a lot of shepards with the ships.Just wait for the right light and you can shot pictures better than this :)) Dear Dietrich,unfortunately I have a litle 4Mega pixels Kodak...I can offer you for your bethroom a small print...:)25/20 cm. Thanks and best regards to all!!

Giuseppe Grimaldi
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Floriana, you photo is very well made, however , as already noticed by someone else, I would crop it a bit to let the the sky have less impact on the overall picture. The main subject (i.e the shepard), would surely benefit from it. Regards, Giuseppe (Italy)

Cristian Tataru
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Charming scene, nice photo, good work, and all stuf. Pentru cei care nu vorbesc romaneste (nu cred ca asta e vreo vina, nici pe departe), o astfel de imagine cred ca e mai greu de pus intr-un context mai larg, pentru ca dupa parerea mea asta e fff important. Tocmai de aceea se vede imediat ca poza e excelenta. Mai vrem si altele, desigur!!!

Shiv Kumar "Surya"
Fantastic What a lovely shot. Excellent capture. Congrates. 'Surya'

Sampanna Salunke
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I like the image as it is, I really dont think it needs cropping. Beautiful work ..

Sally Delacruz
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Dear Floriana, thanks for your reply. I learned from the ISP Convention & Symposium,from Jack Rea, that a "raw file" is your original picture, from that you can do anything you like using your photoshop. That's what I meant when I asked you,that there was no help from PS. It is as is. Thanks and I enjoyed your photograph. My warmest congratulation to you...

Paul Sauer
Dont' change a thing! All the elements work well together. The shepherd and his flock is clearly the subject. I feel like I'm there and I can smell the mist in the air. This is when preparation and a good eye meet a stunning opportunity.

Kosta K
Like a moment captured in time.... An absolutely stunning image. Great job!

Jos Van Poederooyen
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu It's All Good! A strong and gentle study of the misty countryside...Magical!

Rick Sidwell
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu My first impression was, as several others expressed, that a horizontal format would give this image a more peaceful pastoral feeling. But then I realized that wasn't what the photographer was trying to evoke; she wanted something more dramatic, and achieved this by using a vertical format and including the dark clouds. A well done photo with a terrific tonal range, especially the subtle tones of the hills.

steven maskill
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Quite an intriguing photograph I like both versions, the photograph has a moody quality I would have liked the shepperd placed on one of the lower thirds point but an excellent photograph good enough to display on any bodies wall

John Remington
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu It's fabulous. Don't alter it in any way.

Kevin Parratt
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Very beautiful Floriana. Thankyou. ( 7/7 from me ) (I am somewhat disturbed by the arrogance of Les Berkley's "I messed with it", even in the context of a discussion. Hands off! It is NOT your's to mess with Mr Berkley.) Kevin Parratt.

Perry Yu
Achieve Something Different This photo strikes me as an almost surreal scenery that is beyond imagination. How can the shepherd and his sheep stay oblivious and unworried about the looming dark clouds and impending rainstorm? Without the open sky and the dark clouds, there wouldn't have been this strong impact on me. Hence the photo in its original form is very successful in conveying a subtle experience not usually encountered by many of us at PN who are urban or suburban dwellers. Our normal notion of a pastoral or rustic scene is that of a clear blue sky and bright colorful scenery. Floriana's photo has widened our perspectives on how we should and how we can achieve something different at any time.

Girish Menon
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I think the original version is better (the one without the PS). As far as the attention is concerned, I think when one first sees it, the actions of the Shepard demands all the curiosity. But then as one drifts away into the mountains, then the sky, it makes it all the more difficult to come back to the Shepard as the visuals of the background are still fresh in ones mind. I guess it’s not the best thing to have such spectacular foregrounds and backgrounds in one single image :)

Floriana Barbu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Dear Sally, excuse my ignorance about raw file!Thank you !

Floriana Barbu
Thank you ! A lot of moved comments!Thank you ! Floriana

Manuel Graft
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I should call this work of art "Bliss". I believe this picture should be part of the TOP Photos collections.

Tom Applegate
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I'll second the, "It's fabulous. Don't alter it in any way!"

Sally Delacruz
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Dear Floriana, again thanks for your relpy,much appreciated. To tell you the truth, I did not know what I was doing to my original print was called a raw file. I did not understand what other photographers were talking about and I did not ask them questions either. I for one prefers raw file, like "The Shepard".I do not like alterations but I finally accepted that is what Photoshop for when it's needed. Your photo as is is great otherwise it was not chosen. For me, I like my portrait or subject in a Clutter, like yours, because it tells a story. The photo is telling me something even unlucking some of the passages or story I read or heard and there I can fit your photo. Those words has an illustrations already, like your clouds and your mountains high up there from "The Shepard"and when you scroll down to the sheeps and the man things just came bursting from your mind (at least from mine)any thing that a person holds in each one's mind. That's why I like a clutter due to what I have said. There are more to see... best,sally

Vincent K. Tylor
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu On a public CRITIQUE site, anyone that wishes to mess with the image (if thats how some choose to call it) to offer suggestions on how to improve an image are perfectly free to do so. Even if one disagrees with the adjustments, it is still an acceptable practice. This is another way in which we learn! This is a very beautiful scene. One that obviously appears to reach down and stir up many emotions in the viewer...myself included. However, I tend to agree more with a few others that their is just too much sky here. The upper half of the image is rather average with nothing special at all. I agree that it certainly adds to the mood of the lower half rather effectively, but does so at too steep a price in my opinion. There is simply too much sky here needed to create this mood. The beautiful scene below has been reduced in size and scale far too much. I am not so sure how effective a crop will be because the darker clouds are needed for balance/mood and they are up on the top. Here is an attempt to crop and tone down the clouds a bit to maintain a fair enough measure of the mood, yet also put more focus on the scene below...the far more interesting portion. Still even as is it is a pleasing image to view. But in my opinion it still has the potential to be even better!

Michael Juiliano
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu i like the rectangle frame best so far. i wonder if cropping in a bit to remove a bit of grey from the top right and the "half sheep" from the right side would give the sky that bit of glow. of course there are so many ways to look at it, but when it all comes down to it it's your eye and your choice. i think you could pretty much print it and sell it as is.

Steve W
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu You call this picture good?? I have seen better airbrushing in my Playboy and Penthouse eollection!!

Debesh Narayan Mishra
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu The photograph is really nicely composed. I particularly like the way it leads your eyes into the picture, from the foreground to the background with the gradually diminishing size of the sheep and onto the mountains, then eventually onto the clouds. No, I believe cropping is not necessary and the overall softness of the picture contributes to the mood. You have a feeling of standing in the foreground.

Jennifer Warren
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu When I saw this picture...I was in awe and totally fascinated at the emotions it brought about. Definately a picture to have printed for many to enjoy and appreciate. Thanks Floriana for the great work! If you ever decide to have printed please let me know!

virginia sustarsic
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu It's like reality fading into a dream. I like the original version the best. Virginia

Florin Cnejevici
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Atmosfera bine surprinsa,imaginea bine compusa.Nu cred ca trebuie taiat de sus pt ca se schimba radical atmosfera. Felicitari Floriana !

Gejza Cepela
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu This is absolutely wonderful photograph.To cut off the dramatic sky full of those moving dark clouds would be a crime.Those clouds give this photo so much reality and emotion.Anybody who suggests to change the composition and crop the picture is a barbar in my opinion.Great work. Gejza Cepela

Patricio Murphy
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I like the original image a lot. It trasnmits the mood of the scene perfectly, and I love the lightning. I wouldn't crop the sky at all, IMO it adds to the mood of the picture. I also like the original colours more than the photoshoped version offered. Great work, Tatiana!

Christopher Woodby
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Gorgeous photograph. I agree with the person who said it is like an old world painting. Stunning.

Razvan Frumosu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu f frumoasa foto. imi aminteste de o pictura a lui andreescu - pe peretele bunica-mii... :) Abia astept a merg sa merg in romania! raz

Lim Chee Kiang
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Like a painting in the old school. John Constable perhaps. Surreal and sublime. Captured several moments of my time. Bravo!

Foureyes .
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Superb photograph !!!!....I love the depth in the distance as the hills go up the mountain,....the flair of this image reminds me of a 18th century painting,...glorious lighting, to the question ????...well, my eye keeps going around and around looking and discovering the different areas of the photo,...congrats !!!!!

Jacob Miles
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Moving and perfect as is. The proposed cropped versions, though also excellent images, cut out the feeling and theme of the original (as I interpreted it). The original image immediately made me aware of man's place in the world - man is the creature on Earth that creates order and beauty, like this photograph, in the face of infinite nature and chaos. I admit that, after a moment, my hand reached out and cropped the dark sky, but maybe as a reaction to being so small in the face of nature. Keep the dark sky on top if only because it's inspired so much reaction. The cropped version wouldn't generate much discussion - it would be a nice photo of a shepard and some sheep.

mircea negulescu
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu verry nice picture laravederre mircea from the netherlands

Dennis Lee
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Formal beaut or eyes of Floriana ? I think when Floriana choose more sky at the moment, it related to how Floriana appreciate the nature. The feelings about the relationship between nature and man.

Peter Ghita
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Beautiful! Felicitari Floriana, tu faci arta.

Walter Hinterberger
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I only just came across this shepherd and his flock. It is wonderful, Floriana.I simply agree with all the compliments given. There is just one little thought going through my mind: Everybody put their thumb over the 1/2 sheep on the left and then tell me that you are not a little tempted to clone it out. Probably the ethics are wrong, but the thought is there.....BTW, who is Tatiana?

Carmen Dragota
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Am descoperit site-ul asta in seara asta... si poza ta mi-a sarit in ochi ! de prima data am zis - poza asta sigur e din Romania ! Intr-adevar, ai ochi de artista ! Felicitari !

Landrum Kelly
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu This is a wonderful picture, Floriana. I don't know how I missed it when it came around as PoW, but it is one of the very best that I have seen, on or elsewhere. --Lannie

mario lupo
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu Well done Floriana. I have seen this picture some time ago on the web. I guessed it is from Romania. Now I would like to thank you for taking it. I like it very much.

Juan De Santa Anna
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu I am with Biliana...fantastic as it is...the really good thing about POW is now everybody should be headed to your portfolio to see that this image was not a fluke...but more proof of what a great Artist you are...This image brings up so many calming feelings for me...Nice image...Juan...(better late than never?)

Carmen Dragota
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu dupa 3 ani - am redescoperit poza ta, Floriana. Fotografiile tale sunt foarte expresive ! Dupa trei ani de cand am intrat prima data pe acest site - iata ca il redescopar - si imi face placere sa 'te revad' . inca o data, felicitari. Carmen.

Constantin Ciobanu
da' multe comentarii nene Super! Imi place si mie ... poate as fi zis mai multe da' vad ca mi-au luat-o altii inainte!

ion pop
Response to The shepard by Floriana Barbu


Floriana Barbu
The shepard Thanks for your time and comments!

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