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Published: Monday 12th of April 2004 04:01:27 PM


John Peri
Ken, she is too old for me!

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Dark hair, and Blue eyes Some will know, I have a soft spot for this, hummm ! John, you have a winning way with you, I would bet you are a gentle and kind, loving person, your models show this in their reaction to you. Always a fan, I like seeing more of your portrait work !*R*

John Peri
Ha! thanks Roger. You know, as a student, I used to play poker. I always said that after a few hours spent on a table with the others, you knew everything there was to know about them, whether they were mean or generous, cowardly or courageous, clever or stupid, honest or dishonest, crafty or kamikaze ... the list is very long ... funny that you think photography can do the same !!

Roy S,
I am glad you understand my sense of humour John. (Twisted as it is!) Seems not everyone can

I was only joking... Seems not everyone can get my sense of humor either. :)

And John, thanks for commenting and rating that picture of mine.

Howard Dion
Yes, the statue is distracting. But, then you already knew that!

John Peri
No problem Roy, we are all trying to relax .... well, most of us. Admittedly, there is the occasional eccentric like this fellow that visits and who chooses to let off steam here with some silly remark, rather than to beat up his wife or strangle the cat. On the other hand, maybe that's what makes him relax !

Peter van Nugteren
Powerful, original portrait.

John Peri
Howard .... !!! Joking, of course it's a statue and of course it's in the way. Next time I'll ask it to move away.

John Peri
Many thanks Peter. I keep removing photos from my file because there are simply too many of them there! Don't know what to answer about the apertures. I think it depends largely on the light available. I do open up the lens of course when I want the background blurred. But then, you can get an irritating effect like in this photo where half the face is out of focus.

Howard Dion
Thought the object on the right was a statue...or a lamp...or something? I second Roger's comment.

Roy S,
unless David was talking about her, then i'm a total ass.

John Peri
Sorry Roy, it's a private message for David McCracken, who has since removed his pointless remark

Ken Thalheimer
Yep, just a close up and a darned good one. I really like the color combination between her eyes & lipstick. I also like the one eye hidden. But, I don't know what that thing is on the right and I think it needs to go. I also think you should marry this girl John! :))

Imanol Gabilondo.
Right side distract me...

John Peri
Howard? what statue?!

Roy S,
John plese take remove that second version you uploaded! great job on the original though. :)

Roy S,
what if he removed his "eye and the lips" comment? :)

John Peri
Believe me David, that's not the way to win a lady's heart. I told her what you said and just look above at how she responded !

Jon D
I keep coming across this image and everytime I see it, it catches me. There's something about the eye and color of the lips that make it intriguing and I can't look away!

John Peri
Eye to eye Well, just a close-up I guess

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