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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Timo Hartikainen
Beautiful! I would like to see her eyes just a little bit better, but anyway, it's a very nice photo.

Renzo Pecoraro
two questions how is this 'candid'? and how is she 'working'? doesn't candid mean something like real and true to life, and doesn't working mean well... working?

Thomas Collins
Beautiful John!

Howard Dion
John: Good response above. HJD

Howard Dion
Like the shot. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Howard

Mario Novak
Helmut Newton? This shot reminds me on one shot by Helmut Newton, shot of his wife at the dinner table

Mike Clark
Excellent photo, wouldn't change a thing!

John Peri
It is always difficult to address someone who does not criticize or rate a photo, but chooses only to discuss topics which are outside of the real issue under consideration. I apologize if you find my title misleading. However, this is a photo site and not an exercise in semantics. Those that have followed this series or have read my biography will understand that I have posted a collection of portaits taken of the professional "working woman" which I call candid, inasmuch as they are taken in an informal setting at home, sometimes in various stages of undress. Undoubtedly, my English is not up to standard and you have made that clear. However, what I would really like to know is if you find the picture interesting, which is why I posted it here. Incidentally, I shall add another one today in the same series. You may care to comment on the photo next time.

Renzo Pecoraro
explanation John, my apologies, I hadn't read your biography, and I now see what you meant by 'working'. My first impression when I saw this picture was that she sits in an artificial pose of vulnerability. She has a strong face, but the shoulder strap down is sort of the equivalent of an accidentally open fly, and that was what confused me, so I was looking for answers that I couldn't find in the picture. Interesting? Yes. But it does make me wonder more about you than about her, and I am not sure that's a good thing. And, yes, of course that also tells you something about me.

Adrian Maniutiu
ha - stunning ! Now, that's an expression! subtle and clever composition. I find the pose wonderful and the way she looks makes me forget for one second about Mag... IMO this is one of your top-shots! Wow! thanks, John. my friendly regards,

Alberto Conde
Another positive point when visiting your photos is that one can improve, as well, the literate, urban and controlled use of the language as well as the photographic qualities.

I admire you, also, for your patience, which, sometimes, as here with Renzo, is rewarded by polite and honest acknowledgements.

Thanks to both!

Curt T.
dead on newton I would assume he is one of your influences. Although, he is probably a large influence on us all. Black and white and a little more dramatic lighting and it's german. :)

John Peri
No problem Renzo. Thanks.

Igor Amelkovich

Steve Bingham
Your nudes are so damn refreashing! Non-trite. Tits up all the way. Keep cranking.

John Peri
Portrait of a working lady Another in the series of candid portraits taken of the working woman ....

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