by Peri John

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Published: Friday 9th of April 2004 09:00:36 PM


Mike Reiner
Bravo! John, I continue to be a great fan of your work, Your sense of matching poses/environment with your models continues to impress me on a nearly daily basis. Great job on this one!

Mike Clark
I like this shot, the model has an interesting look on her face. The foot over the edge of the bed is a nice touch.

Bobby Diba
i really like the simplicity of this image, maybe a touch more contrast, but its all opinion. cheers

Steve nicholson
Sepia Have you tried this shot in Sepia John? Nice shot and very relaxed.

John Peri
No, haven't tried it in sepia (will test it). The trouble with this shot is that there is the mixture of bikini and bathing costume marks which makes it look patchy in places. Steve, did you put the attachment later. Funny, I only noticed it now. Your version is a little golden maybe, but I sure see what you mean. Thank you.

Howard Dion
Enjoyable to view.

John Peri
Nude study on bed Simple pose and simple background ...

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