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Published: Thursday 8th of April 2004 08:26:51 PM


Gianfranco Vialli
Helena Bonham Carter.

John Peri
Don't quite understand this. Does she look like that person? I'm really just trying to take portraits and glamour shots, but not vying for any particular recognition of the models. On the contrary, I think that our appreciation of each other's photos should remain technical and impersonal. I know that the models very much count on this too and they consistently ask me to do that. Thank you Giancarlo for the interest that you have often showed towards my work.

JF Ochoa
Beautiful, as she is... very good portrait, as usual!

John Peri
Thanks Roger. I scanned this from a small print. I need to find the original ...

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John You were always good at portraits, now even better, funny how a bit of cloth, and we see this lady so differently, nice work here, gentle and soft, her eyes, the center of our view !*R*

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